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Emona tims

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  • March 13, 2017

EMONA tims is the developer and manufacturer of TIMS, a telecommunications teaching system used in universities and teaching institutions. TIMS (Telecommunication Instructional Modelling System), is a flexible and versatile communications trainer that incorporates all of the instruments needed to carry out almost any wireless communications laboratory experiment. It covers all aspects of telecommunication studies required from technical college to university level. Many of the most prestigious universities are among the users of the TIMs product line.

TIMS 301 – Advanced Lab

TIMS-301 allows students to experiment and experience a multitude of telecommunications principles and modulation/coding schemes without the need for time-consuming preparation and a bench of instruments. It allows for numerous signal and system experiments in a safe and simple environment while learning and understanding wireless technology.

TIMS-301 consist hardware components are the TIMS-301 system unit with its fixed modules (lower rack) and 12-slot upper rack for plug-in modules. The upper rack uses exchangeable plug-in modules which comprises of a large range of single function building blocks allowing educators can choose the best modules to suit each specific experiment setup and cascade for numerous experiment setups.

ETT 101 – Compact Experimenter Base Unit

The Emona Telecoms-Trainer 101 (ETT101) is a single board trainer that makes teaching telecommunications much easier for professors in introductory university and technical college courses. Completely self contained within a single, low-profile case, the ETT-101 requires only a standard 12V DC plug-pack. Waveforms can be displayed on all relevant equipment such as: a

The ETT-101 is designed for courses where telecommunication is first introduced and has a low cost unit to cater to a large number of students who need to gain a ‘hands-on’ experience. The ‘hands-on’ approach builds student confidence allowing students to explore freely and learn by making mistakes using relevant and cost effective equipment.

TutorTIMS Telecommunications Teaching Software

TutorTIMS™ uses the same block approach to bring the teaching power of TIMS beyond the lab. Students can do pre-lab preparation on the TutorTIMS™ Simulator by creating their own experiments or load up the pre-prepared experiments provided to them.

TutorTIMS™ allows students to do lab work at home before and after attending the lab, where they have real-time, hands-on experience before working with the actual hardware. This enhances their understanding of the physical TIMS systems and wireless principles before time spent on the actual equipment.

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