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  • March 13, 2017

g.tec is a developer of biosignal modules that assist in brain-computer interface (BCI). Established in 1999, their products include biosignal data acquisition equipment, eye tracking systems, electrode systems and complete brain-computer interface systems. Developed compatible with MATLAB/Simulink, g.tec systems are used in medical, rehabilitation, neuro research and biomedical engineering. Other than hardware, g.tec has developed many innovative software for biosignal recording, processing and calculating biofeedback and the users physiological state.

g. Nautilus

g.Nautilus is a g.tec flagship product, a 32/16/8 channel wireless EEG/ExG biosignal acquisition system with 3-axis accelerometer. Being wireless, the tiny and lightweight device is easily attached to the EEG cap allow completely free movements without limitation by cables. The system transmits data on the 2.4 GHz band with an operating range of 10m and records continuous for up to 10 hours. The system and cap is waterproof and comes in both the standard “wet” electrode caps and “dry” electrode version (g.SAHARA).

The base station for g.Nautilus is easily connected to a PC via USN and can support up to 8 digital trigger lines to record event timing information.


g.MOBIlab+ is a multimodal portable biosignal acquisition and analysis system that is fits in your pocket. Designed to send biosignal data wirelessly via bluetooth 2.0 to a computer, tablet or smart phone, the system allows for investigation of brain, heart, muscle activity, eye movement, respiration, skin response, pulse and other body signals without being confined to being near a computer. As a fail safe, the device simultaneously records on an on-board SD card and can operate up to 100 hours per charge.

g.MOBIlab+ is equipped with a low-noise biosignal amplifier and a 16-bit A/D converter (256 Hz) that produce high signal-to-noise ratio giving it excellent data quality. The device s recommended by BCI2000 and can be integrated with SIMULINK to make a real-time system under for BCI and biofeedback.


g.USBamp is an USB 2.0 enabled, 24 bit a high-performance biosignal amplifier and acquisition system. The amplifier connects easily to the USB socket on your PC/notebook for immediately data recording and has 16 DC-coupled input channels and can be stacked to create a 32/48/64/… channels system. With 4 independent grounds, g.USBamp guarantees no interference between the recorded signals (EEG/ECoG/ECG/EMG/EOG/spikes/…) and easily configured for high-speed online data processing for SIMULINK and LabVIEW (recommended by BCI2000 & approved under OpenViBE).


g.BCIsys is g.tec’s Brain-Computer Interface(BCI) research system for EEG and ECoG; the only environment that supports all BCI approaches (P300, SSVEP/SSSEP, Motor Imagery, slow waves). Based on a recommended setup for a fully equipped BCI lab, the system runs with g.MOBIlab+, g.USBamp, g.HIamp and g.BSamp technology and has a ready-to-go BCI paradigms for spelling, robot and cursor control.

With both the recommended hardware and software, g.BCIsys is perfect set up for data acquisition, real-time and off-line data analysis, data classification and providing neurofeedback.

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