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  • November 30, 2017

Innovative Solutions for Data Acquisition in Test and Measurement Technology

Since it was founded in 1982, Gantner Instruments has specialized in distributed measurement and I/0 systems as well as the measurement of mechanical, thermal and electrical quantities. Our know-how is reflected in all our products and associated services. Despite their outstanding performance and flexibility, they remain simple to operate and provide clear results even in complex applications.

EtherCAT-Based Programmable Servo Controller


The Q.series EC product line has been designed for control and measurement tasks found in today’s demanding test automation environment. The Q.series EC C101 is an EtherCAT-based module for multi-axis closed-loop control of servo hydraulic, pneumatic or electric systems. The module is designed for test, simulation and automation applications in the fields of automotive & transportation, aerospace, energy and civil engineering. The Q.series EC provides a common, highly integrable platform, combing market-leading control and measurement performance, truly synchronised using the EtherCAT Distributed Clock technology.