New functions in the latest SO analyzer sofware release include p-LSCF and PTD+ Identification Algorithms in Modal Analysis, new Mode Properties and FRF Validation in MDOF, FRF synthesis in SDOF and Online Computed Functions Calculator.
Head acoustics let you take advantage of the new features and related benefits of the new binaural headsets for SQuadriga II.
TME Systems has been in partnership with Audio Precision for the past 2 decades, and is the authorized repair and service center for all AP products.
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Products & Services

Test & Measurement Solutions
A recognized leader in the distribution of niche technology solutions, TME Systems offers a wide range of high performance products in the Test & Measurement market space for the electronics, manufacturing, R&D, telecommunications, automotive industries, and more.  Our specialisations include audio and psychoacoustic analysis, vibration and noise testing, as well as GSM / RF testing and mechanical measurement.
Industrial Automation Solutions
Our comprehensive solutions range from supplying hardware to customising software/applications to meet all your configuration and automation needs. We offer consultation and integration services from board-level building to system-level design and management in the manufacturing, oil & gas, telecommunications, fuel management, defence, and other industries.
Education Trainer Solutions
We have very strong network with the public and private education / training institutions in helping them establish the latest and effective curriculum, preparing the future to be sufficiently equipped with the latest technological know-how.
Defence / Security Solutions
Over the years, our established relationship with the defence and related industry has further built our domain knowledge and expanded our technology offerings to meet the multi-sophisticated needs of this market sector.


Value-added Services

As a value-added distributor, TME Systems provides a comprehensive suite of marketing and technical support services that include the following:

  • Responsive After-Sales Technical Support
  • Preventive / Corrective Maintenance Services
  • Product Repair, Upgrading and Modification
  • Product Customisation
  • Software and Hardware Integration
  • Equipment Calibration
  • Product / Application / Customised Training
  • Product / Vendor Go-to-Market Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Support : Events, Tradeshows, Promotions, Literature