TME Systems is a premier high-tech solutions and services provider.

An ISO 9001-certified company, we were awarded the Singapore SME 500 Company status by DP Information Group in 2008.  With the commitment to deliver innovative and effective solutions to meet the needs of our customers, TME Systems will continue to evolve and discover new technology solutions.

Our Products

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Our Services

Responsive After-Sales Technical Support

Our services team provides quick after sales supports services catering

Product Repair, Upgrading and Preventive Maintenance

Providing quality repair, upgrading and preventive maintenance services

Equipment Calibration

Providing quality calibration calibration for a selection of products in house and via certification authorities

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Artificial pinna for ear simulation

An artificial pinna (scientific term for the anatomy of the external ear) is shaped like an actual human ear.Read More »

Surface Microphones

Surface microphones are designed is to be as thin as possible to have as little exposure to the surrounding . .Read More »

Uses of an Acoustic Camera

An acoustic camera uses the capabilities of a microphone array with a cameras in locating, visualizing, quantizing and auraling . .Read More »

Types of accelerometer mounting

An accelerometer is a sensor that senses the dynamic motion of the surface and there are several mounting methods for . .Read More »

Measurement microphones are designed to quantify acoustics signals. Read More

When introducing an acoustic microphone into a sound field, it is important to choose the right type of microphone based on how a free-field, pressure and random-incidence microphone records the signal. Read More

TME Systems has dedicated local calibration centre that is is able to optimise your APx performance according to your needs. Read More