16 & 8 Channel Active Beamforming Gateway

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16 & 8 Channel Active Beamforming Gateway


16 & 8 Channel Active Beamforming Gateway

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The next industrial revolution is now a reality. TransferFi has developed a technology that improves efficiency and range for radio-frequency wireless power transfer. All this is done through a patented system level solution with signal optimization and beam-forming algorithms

How it’s done

  1. A custom build transmitter converts electric current into electromagnetic waves
  2. Using a complex algorithm, this wave is modulated and focused into a tight beam transmitted to an array of antennas using radio frequency
  3. The receiver harvest the radio frequency waves and converts them to direct current which is able to power sensors

This new technology is able to power up sensors without the need for any cabling infrastructure or batteries. It is applicable in almost any industry from consumer electronics, medical devices to offshore for condition monitoring such as in temperature, current, vibration, air quality and more. 


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