Airborne Accelerometer Model 3077A

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Airborne Accelerometer Sensor Model 3077A

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The Dytran model 3077A is an IEPE piezoelectric accelerometer, designed expressly for Rotor, Track and Balance (RTB) and other high frequency aircraft vibration monitoring applications.

Offered with a sensitivity of 10 mV/g, frequency response of 1.1 to 5,000 Hz, and a 3–foot integral cable, the distinguishing feature of model 3077A is the Dytran developed integral mounting bracket design, facilitating improved sensor performance while eliminating costs associated with separate mounting brackets. The miniature accelerometer is mounted within the bracket at the point where the cable and bracket are joined. This unique design also offers reduced mass, as compared to conventional sensors and mounting brackets. Dytran's model 3077A is hermetically sealed for reliable operation within high humidity and dirty environments, as well as case isolated to avoid EMI/ground loop interference.


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Product Features

  • Stainless steel
  • IEPE
  • Hermetic
  • Case isolated
  • Multiple sense directions available
  • Unique design eliminates need for separate mounting bracket

Product Applications

  • Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS)
  • Rotor, Track and Balance (RTB)
  • Transmission vibration measurements


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