Acoustic Analyzer I Software platform for sound and vibration analyses

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ArtemiS SUITE – Software platform for sound and vibration analyses

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ArtemiS SUITE is a software platform for measuring and analyzing sound and vibration with the aim of optimizing product and environmental noise. The modularly structured software solution combines several tools in a standardized software environment and is the ideal tool for tasks such as:


  • Recording sound, vibration and other variables such as temperature, stresses and torques
  • Recording and decoding bus data such as CAN, CAN-FD and FlexRay
  • Documenting recordings with user-defined metadata
  • Playing back recordings
  • Modifying recordings in time range
  • Analyzing recordings using varied analysis algorithms and sophisticated representation tools
  • Implementing standardized tests for validation tasks including WYSIWYG reporting and PowerPoint® exporting 
  • Data management and metadata-based searching


The ArtemiS SUITE software platform is well-equipped for all popular application scenarios. With its uncluttered design and intuitive user concept, ArtemiS SUITE facilitates a fast and efficient workflow.


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Product Overview

3 Pillar of ArtemiS SUITE


At its core, ArtemiS SUITE is based on 3 pillars, providing the full range of functionality users demand:

  1. Troubleshooting
  2. Standardized testing and automation
  3. API / System integration


Troubleshooting: Perform various acoustic tasks simply and flexibly

The logically structured pool project is ideal for troubleshooting tasks: It offers capable filters, comprehensive analyses and versatile statistics functions. Challenging tasks from the field of acoustics can be tackled interactively. Getting the job done quickly and efficiently does not take much in terms of training or configuration.


Product validation: Perform standardized measurement of recurring tasks

Automated and standardized tests are suitable for performing recurring tasks and standardized measurements. Once configured, testing is undertaken based on standardized procedures. ArtemiS SUITE generates extensive assessments in just a few clicks.


System integration and extension

HEAD acoustics System Integration (ASX 01 – ASX 05) allows ArtemiS SUITE to be seamlessly integrated into users’ own operating processes and existing system landscape. It also facilitates secure programmatic access to users’ own recording and analysis results, such as from MatLAB®.

Product Features

  • Wide selection of software modules (ASM) allow creation of a personal software package
  •  Over 120 analyses:
    • Basic analyses such as FFT, one-third octave and octave analyses
    • Standardized procedures
    • Transfer functions and calculation of single number ratings
    • Psychoacoustic analyses, such as loudness, sharpness, roughness and tonality
    • Complex procedures corresponding to pattern recognition of hearing
    • etc.
  • Sound engineering: Interactive editing of sound recordings using FIR and IIR filters
  • Metrics: Creating sound metrics based on hearing test results. Mapping perceptive assessment by subjects using calculation is possible
  • Sound intensity project for troubleshooting tasks or ISO-compliant measurements
  • Impact hammer measurement: Wizard-guided data acquisition using impact hammer for modal analysis in ME’scopeVES™
  • Operating Deflection Shape analyses (ODS): Investigating the actual performance of mechanical structures
  • HEAD System Integration and Extension (ASX): Integration of HEAD acoustics software in existing systems or extension of software with users’ own developed products
  • Data Viewer: Clear display of analysis results including versatile diagram functions and simple PowerPoint® exporting
  • Creating reports and exporting them as PPTX or PDF
  • 2D and 3D diagrams, XY diagrams, single number ratings diagrams and color band diagrams for visualizing data
  • Numerous sophisticated diagram cursors for working interactively with results
  • Mark Analyzer: Considering analyses while monitoring recordings to incorporate the human auditory system
  • Online filtering in Mark Analyzer: Quickly detecting disruptive noise

Product Applications


  • All applications in one software environment: Intuitive operation
  • Wide analysis and editing spectrum
  • Customizable: Modularly structured and integratable
  • Operational processes are structured with project focus



  • Sound and vibration analyses
  • Sound intensity measurement
  • Modal analysis, operating vibration, structural dynamics
  • Test bench acoustics


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