GRAS 146AE 1/2 Inch CCP Free-field Microphone Set

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GRAS 146AE 1/2" CCP Free-field Measurement Microphone Set

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GRAS 146AE is a rugged microphone specifically developed for harsh environments like Automotive testing. It combines the high precision and stability of a laboratory microphone with an unprecedented level of ruggedness, i.e. ability to work properly under adverse conditions such as shock, high temperatures, moisture, water spray, oil mists, and dust.


Freq range: 3.15 Hz to 20 kHz
Dyn range: 18 dB(A) to 133 dB
Sensitivity: 50 mV/Pa
Temperature: -40 to +125°C
Humidity: 10 – 90%


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Product Overview

The GRAS 146AE is a 1/2" free-field measurement microphone set for measurements in extreme environments. It is terminated with a BNC connector and is optimzed for use under rough conditions at temperatures from -40 to 125°C. It provides accurate data under the most challenging conditions - it can resist shock, vibration, water, dust and extreme temperatures

Product Features

  • Shock-absorbing Design

The innovative design is prepared for daily use in rough testing conditions. The occasional drop or shock in the dynamometer, on proving grounds or on public roads does not affect the performance of the microphone, which always delivers reliable data.


  • Waterproof

Can safely be used in wet and splashy conditions. The microphone preamplifier housing is certified watertight according to IP67.


  • Extreme Temperature Performance

Optimized for extreme temperatures - from -40 to 125 ºC (-40 to 257 ºF) without impacting sensitivity. It is the most temperature-stable CCP microphone on the market.


  • Random-incidence Corrector

With the RA0357 Random-incidence Corrector, it is possible to quickly change the response from free-field to random-incidence.  


  • Water, Oil and Dust-resistant and Replaceable Grid

A grid with built-in filter allows for use in heavily contaminated environments and is easy to replace.


  • Protected Venting

Dual, waterproof venting prevents moisture from blocking the venting and ruining your measurements.


  • Power-on Indicator

Visual confirmation of status and transducer electronic data sheets (TEDS) reading during power-up ensures efficiency and readiness for data collection.


  • Online Calibration Data

Calibration data for each specific microphone can be accessed at


  • Waterproof Connection

Waterproof connection and cabling ensure data integrity and surviveability during outdoor tests in all climate zones and weather conditions.