Head Acoustics I Software for Localizing Sound Sources in Real Time

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HEAD VISOR - Software for localizing sound sources in real time

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HEAD VISOR is the software application for localizing sound sources online in real time. It combines functions such as recording, playback, analysis and reporting in one package. Coupling it with the various microphone arrays forms an acoustic camera, a beamforming system, which allows detailed insight into the acoustics of complex measurement subjects.

The software is ready to use as soon as the microphone array has been switched on, with recording starting automatically. Thanks to the permanently active FreezeBuffer, users can also easily analyze an acoustic event at a later point in time.


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Product Overview

HEAD VISOR is a powerful and easy-to-use tool, with all the key applications available for the user to view at all times. This allows tracking the effects of modifications, filters and changes to sound sources in real time.

HEAD VISOR remote, the integrated remote control, offers a number of additional functions. Multiple microphone arrays, HEADlab systems, computer or memory systems can be centrally controlled, managed and synchronized. Automated measurements and analyses can be conducted while ArtemiS SUITE components can be integrated in the evaluation.



Intuitive software for acoustic cameras


Acoustic camera:

  • Switch on and go online
  • Determine distances to various objects
  • See sound sources in the video images instantly
  • Analyze results retrospectively thanks to circular buffer
  • Evaluate one recording with different analytical parameters simultaneously
  • Experience all modifications in real time


HEAD VISOR remote:

  • Interconnect and synchronize multiple microphone arrays
  • Systematically manage recordings and analyses
  • Use automation in ArtemiS SUITE for further analysis
  • Reporting and documentation with ArtemiS SUITE
  • Generate and compare reproducible results


In-depth analysis:

Get detailed insight into the acoustics of complex measurement subjects through analysis of:

  • Stationary sounds
  • Transient sounds with high time resolution
  • Rotating and variable-speed measurement subjects
  • Extended, sound-radiating surfaces
  • Moving objects


Recording additional channels:

Connect HEADlab modules (labV6, labV12, labM6, labHMS, labT6, labSG6) to the microphone array and record and analyze other sensors with HEAD VISOR 5.


Flexible licensing:

Users can perform recording with HEAD VISOR recording software and analysis with HEAD VISOR core software on separate computers.

Product Features

  • Real-time operation: Modify, filter and make changes and see and hear the results instantly.
  • FreezeBuffer: The online view is saved continuously to a circular buffer, which is also available retroactively.
  • Multi-band mapping: Analyze additional frequency ranges and visualize them side-by-side. This enables seamless monitoring and evaluation of a wider frequency range.
  • Range meter: With the range meter, the color scale for source mapping can be adjusted intuitively to allow results to be interpreted as effectively as possible.
  • Flexible presets: All settings can be saved and applied with presets, making workflows more intuitive and reproducible.


Comparison functions:

  • Synchronized ranges: Retrieved measurements are automatically shown with the same color settings as the previous versions for comparison purposes.
  • Delta mapper: Minor relative changes between two setups are highlighted in a differential image (red = louder, blue = quieter).
  • HDR function: Detailed results from various analyses are summarized in a single results image with excellent dynamics.



  • Playback and analysis can be performed in slow motion (forwards and backwards), in a loop or alternating between different scenarios.
  • Entire sounds, sound elements and orders can be filtered out and played back individually.


Order analysis:

  • An RPM signal can be fed into the data stream to allow speed-dependent changes to be tracked directly. The sound generated by the selected order will then be shown via single-band source mapping.



  • A radiated sound signal can be calculated, auralized and exported for further analysis (e.g. with ArtemiS SUITE) at multiple points anywhere in the image.



  • Source maps can be exported to AVI videos (with sound) or still images (BMP, PNG, JPG), as well as measured and calculated time signals (in WAV format and HDF).


Extra channels:

  • Additional sensors can be integrated in HEAD VISOR recording via HEADlab modules and used for analysis (e.g. microphones, artificial heads, RPM, wind speed).


Product Applications

  • Troubleshooting
  • Analyzing and optimizing sounds
  • Room and structural acoustics
  • Leak detection/testing
  • Test benches
    • Detecting sound-radiating components on test pieces
    • Visualizing acoustic weak points
  • Wind tunnels
    • Eliminating rough edges with a major impact on interior wind noise
  • Wind turbines
    • Auralizing locations that radiate the most sound energy
    • Localizing sources of typical wind turbine noise
    • Analyzing the acoustic effects of different rotor designs


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