HHP IV – Handset positioner for fully automated voice quality testing of telephones

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HHP IV – Handset positioner for fully automated voice quality testing of telephones

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The motorized handset positioner HHP IV allows manufacturers of communication devices with handsets, cordless phones, mobile phones, smartphones (with display speaker) and tablets of any design to test their device faster, more precisely and more economically. Mounted to an artificial head measurement system (HMS II.3, HMS II.3-LN, HMS II.4) HHP IV automatically places the device under test in a wide range of standard or user-defined positions. This enables the handset positioner to simulate even complex user behavior reproducibly. In addition, HHP IV allows adjusting the handset application force to the outer ear of the artificial head with high precision (according to ITU-T Recommendation P.64).


HHP IV supports both “standard test positions” (STP) according to ITU-T Recommendation P.64 for pinna types according to ITU-T Recommendation P.57 (type 3.3 and 3.4). Moreover, the handset positioner fulfills the requirements regarding the “recommended test position” (RTP) specified by IEEE 269 and ITU-T Recommendation P.64.


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Product Overview


  • HHP IV enables fully automated and reproducible voice quality testing of communication devices with handset, cordless phones, smartphones (with display speaker) and tablets
  • The handset positioner simulates complex user behavior based on automated positional robustness measurements
  • HHP IV positions conforming to international standards ITU-T P.64 and IEEE 269 as well as reaches almost any arbitrary position and angle within the specified limits




Product Features

  • HHP IV positions handsets fully automated – manual interaction during measurement sequences is no longer required
  • The hexapod kinematic of HHP IV allows positioning of the device under test in every relevant user positions in xe, ye and ze direction
  • The extremely high positioning and repeat accuracy of the handset positioner guarantees reproducible measurement results including reproducible acoustic leak between handset and ear
  • With HHP IV it is possible to adjust and control the application force precisely
  • The approached positions and the applied application force of the handset positioner are automatically documented
  • Users are able to configure and control HHP IV via the measuring and analysis software ACQUA or by using a touch panel
  • HHP IV is suitable for use with the artificial heads HMS II.3, HMS II.3-LN and HMS II.4
  • Due to the simple and automated calibration, users can pair the handset positioner with each of their artificial heads themselves
  • HHP IV features three different speeds (Normal, Low-Noise, Fast) – Fast mode is significantly faster than normal speed mode and reduces measurement time considerably
  • The volume of a clamped-in handset in a HHP IV can be set during measurements via Bluetooth® (requires option BT-Vol HHP IV)
  • Two clamping devices are available for the handset positioner: for regular handsets (CDM-R) and for wide handsets like tablets (CDM-W)

Product Applications

  • Fully automated and reproducible voice quality testing of e.g.:
    • Communication devices with handset
    • Cordless phones
    • Smartphones (with and without display speaker)
    • Tablets


  • Effect of user-behavior on voice quality in sending and receiving direction of the device under test


  • Analysis of positional robustness


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