HPO – Hardware interface for testing the POTS functionality

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HPO – Hardware interface for testing the POTS functionality

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HPO is a lightweight and compact hardware to simulate a POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) terminal in order to test the POTS functionality of IP-based home gateways, DSL and cable modems as well as other devices with a POTS interface. The device is equipped with telecommunication and USB interfaces and offers a calibrated access to analog networks as well as on hook/off hook control.


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Product Overview


  • HPO is a hardware interface for testing the POTS functionality of e.g. IP-based home gateways, DSL and cable modems
  • HPO simulates an analog telephone terminal
  • Various properties of HPO (such as the line impedance) are configurable


Product Features

  • HPO serves as the interface between arbitrary analog extension lines or local loops and labCORE to allow measurements
  • The hardware interface transfers the signal coming from the extension line to the hardware platform labCORE and sends signals received from labCORE via the a/b line to the remote station
  • HPO comes with a RJ11 socket (as used by telephones) for easy connection to a TAE socket with a standard adapter cable
  • It allows termination with various integrated impedances and external impedances
  • The integrated holding circuit enables the remote station to recognize whether a call is arriving or established
  • HPO is controlled by the measurement and analysis software ACQUA (set resistance, on hook, off hook etc.) or via display (LCD menu) and rotary push knob
  • The hardware interface has a switchable loopback mode to test the setup
  • A ring detection signals an incoming call in the display of the hardware interface. ACQUA can set the device to a trigger mode so that HPO automatically accepts an incoming call
  • The hardware interface connects to the PC via USB

Product Applications

Measurements of POTS devices like:

  • Home gateways
  • DSL and cable modems
  • Private branch exchange


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