MSR145WD Wireless Data Logger with Bluetooth

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MSR145WD Wireless Data Logger with (Bluetooth)

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data logger with app · temperature, humidity, fluid pressure, air pressure, acceleration, strain gauges and more · NEW: interchangeable FlexSensors


The MSR145WD wireless data logger, the size of a thumb and equipped with Bluetooth function, has a memory capacity of one million measured values. The versatile mini-logger can be used to wirelessly monitor measurement data, quickly read measured values, and transfer the data to the MSR SmartCloud as needed.


Maximum flexibility with MSR FlexSensors

With the MSR145WD the sensor combinations are virtually unlimited. You can select various internal sensors and up to five external sensors or connections. The intelligent FlexConnector plug connection for interchangeable FlexSensors guarantees you the greatest possible flexibility.


Power-saving Bluetooth Low Energy, MSR DataLogger App for iOS and Android

The use of Bluetooth Low Energy short-range radio technology is ideal when measurement data from hard-to-reach locations needs to be monitored over long periods of time.

Measured values can be retrieved at any time using the MSR DataLogger app on a smartphone or tablet. An optional base station allows you to quickly send data from multiple MSR145WDs to the MSR SmartCloud via BLE/LAN. The MSR SmartCloud allows you to view and manage and store measurement values online and to use alarm actions.


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Product Features

General functions

  • Wireless data logger (Bluetooth Low Energy) for monitoring temperature, humidity, fluid pressure, air pressure, acceleration, strain gauges and more.
  • Internal sensors and up to five external sensors (see Configurator).
  • FlexConnector for interchangeable FlexSensors
  • More than 1 million measured values storage capacity in the internal memory
  • Free MSR PC software: MSR Setup, Reader, Viewer and Online software


Bluetooth functions

  • Free MSR DataLogger App for mobile devices (from Android 4.4+, iPhone 4S+, iPad 3+)
  • BLE receiver box available as gateway
  • Data storage is guaranteed even if the transmitter fails
  • MSR SmartCloud: retrieve, analyse and export measured data online at any time; alarm message if limit value is exceeded


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