MSR147WD Wireless Data Logger with plug-in Sensors

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MSR147WD Wireless Data Logger with App and plug-in Temperature and Humidity Sensors (Bluetooth)

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5 connections for plug-in humidity & temperature sensors · Bluetooth Low Energy · memory for over 1 million measured values · MSR SmartCloud

Precisely record and wirelessly monitor physiological parameters such as skin temperature and moisture – this is what the MSR147WD wireless data logger equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and a storage capacity of 1 million measured values enables you to do.


Pre-calibrated plug-in sensors for temperature and humidity

The sensors supplied by MSR Electronics GmbH can be inserted and removed individually. Due to the automatic configuration feature, the data logger instantly recognises when a sensor is inserted. The calibration data is stored in the relevant sensor. In addition to the plug-in temperature and humidity sensors, you can have your MSR147WD equipped with an internal air pressure and/or acceleration sensor.


Power-saving Bluetooth Low Energy, useful MSR DataLogger app

The use of Bluetooth Low Energy short-range radio technology is ideal when measurement data from hard-to-reach places need to be monitored over a longer period of time. Measured values can be retrieved at any time using the MSR DataLogger app on a smartphone or tablet. Using the optionally available base station, you can quickly send data from several MSR147WD data loggers to the MSR SmartCloud via BLE/LAN. The MSR SmartCloud allows you to view and manage the stored measured values online and to use the alarm function.


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Product Features

General functions

  • Wireless data logger (Bluetooth Low Energy) with 5 connections (IP60) for pluggable, pre-calibrated humidity and/or temperature sensors

  • Internal air pressure and/or 3-axis accelerometer ±15 g optionally available

  • More than 1 million measured values storage capacity in the internal memory

  • Free MSR PC software: MSR Setup, Reader, Viewer and Online software


Bluetooth functions

  • Free MSR DataLogger App for mobile devices (from Android 4.4+, iPhone 4S+, iPad 3+)

  • BLE receiver box available as gateway

  • Data storage is guaranteed even if the transmitter fails

  • MSR SmartCloud: retrieve, analyse and export measured data online at any time; alarm message if limit value is exceeded


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