PXI RF Relay Module

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PXI RF Relay Module

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Routes RF or microwave signals or inserts and removes components in a signal path.

PXI RF Relay Modules offer single-pole double-throw (SPDT) and terminated switches. SPDT models include excellent insertion loss, voltage standing-wave ratio (VSWR), and isolation parameters to minimize signal degradation. You can use the onboard relay-count-tracking feature on these models to predict relay lifetime and reduce unexpected system downtime. SPDT models are also well-suited for passing high-order harmonics from PXI RF Signal Upconverter Modules or routing multiple sources to PXI RF Signal Downconverter Modules. Terminated switch models feature front-mounted SMA connectors and high-performance solid-state relays for fast switching time and unlimited mechanical lifetime. These models also include termination on every COM line and channel, which helps minimize reflections of the RF signal and protect your instruments. 


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