Power Amplifier Nor280

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Power Amplifier Nor280

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Specially designed for Building Acoustics measurements Our aim is to take the latest technology available to help our customers complete their measurements faster but without loss of precision.


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Product Features

  • Specially designed for Building Acoustic measurements
  • Lightweight and rugged construction – only 3,5 kg!
  • Self contained noise generator
  • 500 Wrms output power
  • Emits 120 dB sound power level in the 50—5000 Hz frequency range when used with Norsonic dodecahedron loudspeakers types Nor275 or Nor276
  • Wireless remote control of noise generator
  • Equalization network to optimise acoustic output from speaker
  • Balanced signal input for low noise and limited cross talk problems


Product Applications

  • Sound insulation measurements
  • Reverberation time measurements
  • Absorption coefficient measurements


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