Acoustic Analyser I Standard system for mobile sound and vibration measurement

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SQuadriga III – Standard system for mobile sound and vibration measurement

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Ever ready: Thanks to a powerful battery and a multitude of integrated interfaces, the SQuadriga III compact hand-held system with its 8 analog channels and various digital inputs is ideal for mobile sound and vibration measurements in any industrial application. It allows recordings to be made in any environment and also takes into account the latest psychoacoustic findings for optimal sound design.

Measurement chain validation as per Class 1 of IEC 61672 is possible in front-end operation.



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Product Overview

Integrated interfaces make additional adapters unnecessary. Highest-quality recordings are achievable using a binaural headset (e.g. BHS II) or artificial head (e.g. Head-Shoulder-Unit HSU III). SQuadriga III features one integrated FlexRay connector and two CAN FD connectors. Three USB ports allow video recordings to be made or photographs to be taken via external cameras, e.g. to document the measurement situation.


The user-friendly look and feel of the SQuadriga III is rounded off by the 7-inch display with capacitive multitouch and intuitive operation. A powerful processor handles psychoacoustic analyses such as sharpness and loudness in addition to time signal, FFT and one-third octave band spectrum. The system operates silently and is ready to go in just a few seconds after switching on.



  • Mobile recording and playback system with numerous integrated interfaces for analog and digital sensor technology
  • Usable in stand-alone mode or as a data acquisition system in conjunction with a PC. Expandable with other modules for increased numbers of channels
  • Large color touchscreen for configuration and evaluation
  • FlexRay & CAN FD
  • Modularly expandable with analysis functionality
  • Measurement chain validation as per Class 1 of IEC 61672 possible in front-end operation


Product Features


  • 8 analog inputs/outputs (for headset BHS II, 6x BNC), TEDS, ICP®: 2 mA or 4 mA, inputs DC-compatible AC: switchable high-pass
  • 2 x pulse inputs with electrical isolation, signal conditioning with adjustable threshold and hysteresis
  • 2 x CAN FD / OBD2, FlexRay: recording decoding in real time
  • Integrated GPS receiver for GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou
  • Subsequent synchronization of recordings of spatially separated devices possible
  • Equalized headphone output (playback, monitoring)
  • 3 x USB ports (type A) for extensions
  • Compact, hand-held device for mobile operation
  • Large color touchscreen, 7 inch (18 cm)
  • Recording of videos and taking photos possible with USB camera
  • 64 GB internal memory, CPU: 800 MHz, dual core
  • Powerful internal battery for up to 8 hours of mobile operation
  • Electrically isolated power supply with wide-range input for connecting to onboard power supply
  • Measurement chain validation as per Class 1 of IEC 61672 possible in front-end operation

Product Applications


  • Sound and vibration investigations in the area of product design and troubleshooting
  • Conventional standard-specific and psychoacoustic analyses for automotive, machine and environmental noises
  • FFT-based real-time analyses: Time signal, FFT, octave, one-third octave, level vs. time, loudness, sharpness, spec. loudness, articulation index, order spectrum
  • Decoding and visualization of CAN FD, FlexRay, pulse and GPS parameters in real time
  • Automatic configuration of optimal measurement range (auto range) for individual or all active channels
  • SQuadriga III-V1 without internal rechargeable battery for aviation applications
    • powers itself via an external voltage source and thus complies with aviation regulations
    • can be taken on airplanes or be shipped safely by air freight anywhere in the world



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