HMS IV - HEAD Measurement System

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HMS IV - HEAD Measurement System


HMS IV - HEAD Measurement System

Head Acoustics
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The HEAD Measurement System IV is a stand-alone, mobile measuring device that is ready to perform aurally accurate binaural recordings immediately after powering up.

The recordings can be saved directly to a CompactFlash card, allowing stand-alone operation without a notebook or PC. Via the integrated headphone output, the recordings can be played back immediately with aurally accurate equalization.

Artificial head measurement systems like the HMS IV are compatible with conventional measurement technology and are necessary for an authentic hearing impression during playback.

The artificial head geometry offers you:

- a mathematically describable reproduction of the human head and shoulder geometry with an award-winning design

- an accurate reproduction of all acoustically relevant parts of the human outer ear


- Examination and optimization of the sound quality of technical products: motor vehicles and car components, domestic appliances, office machines and power tools

- Binaural measurements in product development and quality control

- Sound design and product optimization


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