Wireless Vibration Accelerometer - WISER 3X MINI

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Wireless Vibration Accelerometer - WISER 3X MINI

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WiSER 3X Mini is a Wireless Vibration Sensor designed for on route and off route data collection with WiSER Vibe App. It records vibration FFT from 3 axes simultaneously X, Y and Z. And you can change the recording time according with the resolution lines selected. 


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Product Overview


A Bluetooth accelerometer can measure velocityacceleration and displacement. You can record this very important information with WiSER 3X Mini.

Determine the condition of a machine and thus prevent or avoid critical damage. Wireless accelerometers allow you to obtain this significant data without having to be very close to your machine.

We already knew these benefits with WiSER 3X, now experience its maximum portability with WiSER3X Mini.



WiSER 3X Mini Main Features

  • BLE 5.0 comunication
  • IP67 Protection
  • Lithium battery CR2023 3V
  • 50m Recording Range
  • Temperature range from -7 to 60 °C (20 to 140 °F)
  • Configurable Recording Time

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WiSER3X Mini is for WiSER Vibe use only wiservibe-icon-1

This means that you can record vibration with most phones or tablets available in the market. 



What kind of failures can I detect?

WiSER3X Mini can choose to record 1 or 3 axis and select the recording time; this way you can identify, predict, and prevent failures in rotating machinery. You can detect most of the common problems for this type of machines such as:

  • Mechanical Looseness
  • Eccentricity
  • Resonance
  • Natural Frequencies
  • Electrical Noise
  • Gear Fault
  • Belt Issues
  • Damaged Shaft




Wireless & Portable

Just place it and go! Take your wireless bluetooth accelerometer, place it at the measuring point and then press button to start a measure. With this in mind you will get multiple measurements in just few seconds!

Take advantage of the smallest bluetooth accelerometer in the market.




Wireless DigivibeMX file transfer

Upload the information recorded from your phone into DigivibeMX using the QR Connect tool. Transfer on-route and off-route information using only your phone.

This way you can use all the powerful vibration analysis tools that DigivibeMX has to offer.

Get to know more about the most powerful vibration analyzer; DigivibeMX





Connect to EI Analytic

You have the freedom to manage your data. Feel free to share your measurements through the cloud EIAnalytic.com or by email, granting a deeper level of analysis experience with DigivibeMX.


Product Features

Choose the best bluetooth accelerometer according to your needs

Acquire your sensor according to the type of machine to be analyzed. Between the two types of WiSER3X Mini you can analyze a wide variety of high and low speed rotors. Which depends on whether you choose a higher range or higher sensitivity.


WISER 3X MINI (High Range)

Main Specifications

  • Spectral Noise: 630 µg/√Hz
  • Frequency Range: 10 kHz (x,y) and 5.1 kHz (z)
  • 6400 Resolution Lines
  • Max Frequency: 10000 Hz




WISER 3X MINI (High Sensitivity)

Main Specifications

  • Spectral Noise: 130 µg/√Hz
  • Frequency Range: 4 kHz (x,y) and 1.8 kHz (z)
  • 6400 Resolution Lines
  • Max Frequency: 4000 Hz




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