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Mecanum Acoustic Test Cabin (MATC) is the perfect tool to measure diffuse-field sound absorption and transmission loss of small size samples between 250 and 10 000Hz.

The double-seal magnetic access main door allows quick and safe access to the interior of the cabin while ensuring a high seal. The test window on the access door is easily accessible and sample changing is easy, allowing a large number of samples to be tested in a short period of time.
The cabin is mounted on wheels to facilitate its movement. Four uncorrelated loudspeakers are optimally positioned in order to obtain the most homogeneous quasi-diffuse field possible.

A variable-position four-microphone antenna is used to optimally measure the acoustic field inside the cabin. Also, four diffusers whose geometry and position are optimized make it possible to avoid parasitic modes in the measurement. The acquisition system is connected at all times to two ENVIRO weather stations, placed inside and outside the cabin, in order to measure atmospheric conditions at all times.


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Product Features

  • Inspired by ASTM C423, ASTM E2249, ISO 354, ISO 15186-1 et SAE J2883_201504 standards
  • Sound absorption and sound transmission measurement in one system for a fraction of the cost of a standard installation.
  • Very easy and quick to use, allowing a large number of medium-sized samples to be tested in a short time.
  • Advanced calculation and post-processing algorithms ensure accuracy and repeatability over the entire measurement range.
  • Robust construction with high STC, aesthetic and mobile
  • Automatic calculation of global statistics and main acoustic indices.
  • Automatic reports



  • Acoustic cabin
  • Microphones
  • Class 1 Intensity probe
  • 8-inputs/4-output 24-bits acquisition system
  • 4 channels amplifier
  • TL testing frameworks
  • Two ENVIRO stations
  • TL verification sample
  • Absorption verification sample



  • NOVA Software
  • FOAM-X Software

Product Applications

  • Quality Control
  • Research and development
  • Optimization of acoustic materials


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