APx517 B Series Acoustic Analyzer

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APx517 B Series Acoustic Analyzer


APx517 B Series Acoustic Analyzer

Audio Precision
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Acoustic Production Test Redefined

The APx517 B Series acoustic audio analyzer is specifically designed, configured and priced to meet production-line needs. It is ideal for the testing of speakers, microphones, headphones, headsets and the wide range of consumer electronics incorporating speakers and microphones. With the APx517B, manufacturers can deploy an integrated acoustic test system that brings the renowned quality, reliability and robustness of Audio Precision’s lab-oriented analyzers to their manufacturing lines.

As an integrated system combining audio analyzer (signal generation and acquisition), power amplifier, headphone amplifier, and microphone power supply, along with any required digital interface such as Bluetooth®, the APx517B has the power to drastically reduce setup and reconfiguration time by eliminating multiple individual components (from a variety of vendors) and their associated cabling. Additionally, and unlike those individual components, the APx517B is uniquely delivered with a Certificate of Traceability, confirming that each unit meets its published specification.

Unlike acoustic analysis systems assembled from an assortment of individual components from different vendors, the APx517B is an integrated system designed and built specifically for the production line. As with any other AP analyzer, the 517 is delivered with a three-year warranty and calibration. For nearly four decades, AP analyzers have been recognized as much for their quality and reliability as they have been for their performance and measurement accuracy.

The robust hardware of the APx517B is complemented the APx500 audio measurement software. For the manufacturing environment, repetitive bench tests and production testing can easily be automated with the built-in measurement sequencer and saved as a project that can be used with any APx analyzer. Production Test mode provides an optional simplified operator interface with multiple run statistics, created and supervised by a manufacturing engineer. Access the API if you prefer: documentation for VB.NET, C#.NET, MATLAB and LabVIEW is included.


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Product Features

Reliable, Integrated System
Combining audio analyzer, power amplifier, headphone amplifier, and microphone power supply, along with optional digital interfaces, the APx517B can drastically reduce setup and reconfiguration time. And as a system, the APx517B is backed by a three year warranty and is delivered with a Certificate of Traceability, confirming that each unit meets its published specification. For added reliability, the APx517B is built with overload, short circuit, and reverse current protection.

Specified Impedance Accuracy
Unlike any other system available, the APx517B provides specific impedance accuracy via the dual-channel Kelvin impedance measurement capability of its power amplifier and headphone amplifier.

The APx517B maintains the APx Series’ tradition of flexibility and configurability. In its base configuration, APx517B is a ready-to-go system for measuring analog speakers, microphones, headphones, or headsets. For digital devices, APx517B has a module slot for the addition of a single APx digital interface module, such as Bluetooth, PDM or HDMI. On the software side, a standard system provides a core set of measurements and functionality to allow out-of-the-box, fundamental test of acoustic devices. Additional advanced measurement options are available, either individually or in groups.

Create custom interfaces and application-to-application automation using the comprehensive APx API. Extensive documentation and examples are provided for Visual Basic.NET, C#, MATLAB, LabVIEW, and Python. Projects and automation can be shared with other APx units anywhere in the world.

Common Software Platform
From a practical perspective, APx audio analyzers use a common software platform, making tests and results easier to share. All settings for a test are saved in a single project file, making it easy to replicate test setups between R&D and production facilities anywhere in the world. Project files are compatible with APx500 Flex. B Series, Legacy APx instruments and each project is self-contained, so there’s never any worry about dependencies or broken links. Users can even embed waveform files and images within a project file.

For sharing measurement results with customers, contract manufacturers or management, APx automatically generates rich graphic reports, with highlighted pass / fail limits and options to export as PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, RTF or MATLAB files.

APx517B Base Configuration:

• 2 channel ASIO interface
• File Analysis
• Sequence Mode
• Input Signal Monitors (including FFT monitor)
• Level & Gain
• Frequency
• Loudspeaker Production Test (including Rub & Buzz)
• Stepped Frequency Sweep
• Pass / Fail Measurement
• Signal Acquisition Measurement


APx517B Datasheet