eHS -FPGA-based Power Electronics Toolbox

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eHS -FPGA-based Power Electronics Toolbox

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As the world electrifies, researchers are pushing the limits of power electronics requirements in terms of efficiency and power density. OPAL-RT has been at the forefront of FPGA simulation for over 20 years and continues to innovate to meet the demands of the power electronics industry.

eHS simplifies FPGA usage for HIL simulation, without the need for coding or mathematical modeling.

It is a generic and reprogrammable FPGA-based electrical solver that provides a convenient user interface enabling users to bring in real-time models created in the simulation tool of their choice: Simscape Electrical™, PLECS, PSIM, NI Multisim, and OPAL-RT Schematic Editor.


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Product Features

Redefining Speed, Power and Accuracy of Real-Time FPGA Simulations


No decoupling

Avoid instabilities and the manual struggles of artificially decoupling networks. Run up to 21 3-phase converter models (128 switches) or 250 grid nodes @ 500 ns on the same FPGA core.


FPGA cores scaling

Have larger models or need to run faster? Efficient parallelization algorithms ensure you can connect multiple FPGA-based simulators.


Picosecond Oversampling

625ps oversampling with interpolating converter models ensures the highest sampling resolution and accuracy available.


Co-simulation ready

Combine performance and capability, reserving the FPGA for high-frequency switching modeling, and CPU for larger network system simulation.


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