AC Power Source - Model 9420

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AC Power Source - Model 9420


AC Power Source - Model 9420

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The Model 9420 AC Power Source redefines selection of an AC Source by addressing how to compensate for reactive power from capacitive or inductive elements in the load. Often overlooked when sizing an ac source, reactive power negates some portion of nominal VA power in order to arrive at true power (Watts) that does the real work. Traditional AC sources list only their VA rating leaving it up to the user to figure out how much true power remains after reactive power reductions. In many cases that reduction is substantial and then requires selecting a much larger VA-rated source than originally anticipated. The increased cost and size penalties are often considerable.


-Voltage Range – 175/350VRMS, 200/400VDC

-7 models – 8kW/21kVA to 96kW/252kVA

-Unique configuration flexibility provides for single, split, three-phase operation plus full-power DC

-HiVAR™ design eliminates derating nominal power due to reactive loads

-Frequency – 30 to 880Hz

-High-resolution waveform digitizer & scope display

-Precision ultra-low current measurements

-Seamless, constant-power operating envelope

-Built-in 9” touch-panel user interface for manual control & measurement display

-Graphical waveform editor for user-defined waveforms

-High-level line disturbance programming Macros

-External PC option to host NHR emPower® Test Sequencer

-Alternate programming in LabVIEW, native SCPI, & other IVI-compliant languages

-Improved power density results in half the panel height of a traditional AC source


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