Battery Charge/Discharge Test System

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Battery Charge/Discharge Test System


Battery Charge/Discharge Test System

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NHR’s Regenerative 9200 Battery Test System and battery emulator includes expandable power ranges from 12kW modules up to 252 kW with 40,120 or 600V bi-directional DC loads. This battery module/pack tester provides optimal configuration that enables companies the flexibility to expand their battery test system as needed. NHR’s battery test equipment addresses the evolving battery test requirements for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage and critical power applications.

The Battery Module/Pack Test System (9200 Series) is designed for all battery chemistries including lead-acid, nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion. This battery test system is ideally suited for applications where maximum battery test system configuration flexibility is needed to cover a broad range of battery voltage, current and power requirements now and in the future (see diagram).

The 9200 battery module/pack tester is highly configurable and can parallel up to 21 power modules that can test multiple batteries with different test programs and start/stop times! For example, on a battery test system configured with three power modules, one of the power modules could test a 12kW battery, while the other two modules could be paralleled to test a 24kW battery. Both batteries could have different battery parameters set and tested at the same time. The end result is an extraordinarily flexible battery test system that makes battery module/pack testing more effective and efficient. Key differentiating features from other battery test equipment on the market include high accuracy, speed and modularity as well as new battery emulation and regenerative technology, designed for high-voltage battery test requirements.

NHR’s battery test equipment also provides excellent characterization of battery transient performance through its high speed settings and built-in measurement capability. The 9200 Series battery pack test system includes a user-friendly GUI interface and dynamic Enerchron battery test software that makes test program creation easier and faster. All applications benefit from the battery test systems discharge power recycling capability, which results in both a cooler battery test environment and system cost recovery in a few years. Applications include battery emulation, battery charger test and power supply burn-in and more.


-Best configuration flexibility

-Custom waveform/profile generation

-Microsecond voltage, current & mode transition times

-Built-in digital measurements with charting & scope displays

-3 test system control options including a Touch-Panel interface

-Bi-directional DC Source, expandable from 12 to 252kW with 40 ,120 or 600V

-Regenerative >90% Energy Efficiency

-Multiple safety layers to protect battery being tested

-Battery emulation and burn-in applications

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