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EV Charging Analyzer AC + DC-CSS

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Developments in e-mobility present new challenges for vehicle and charging-system manufacturers. Due to high availability of the 230 V AC main power supply, conductive charging systems for electric vehicles are now widespread. The relatively new standards IEC 61851-1, DIN 70121, ISO 15118 and SAE J1772 describe the requirements for European and US AC- and DC-charging-systems, electrical waveforms and the pilot signal to control the charging process.

By combining electric vehicles and charging systems from various manufacturers, different system-tolerances and disturbing influences may occur. The causes of charge interruptions are very difficult to locate due to the long charging period. The comemso EV Charging Analyzer / Simulator measures and verifies both the communication and the load circuit on standard-conformity over the complete duration of charging and records all deviations. Thus causes of charge interruptions can be identified and causalities of events can be detected and visualised.


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Product Features

The comemso EV-Charging Analyzer AC + DC CCS is designed to perform extensive charging analysis for AC-Charging Type 1, Type 2 and the DC-CCS Combo 1 + Combo 2.

Built in a modular configuration the device can be used for Interoperability-Testing or as a simulator of EVs or EVSEs. Use the rack version for your laboratory with up to 500kW or the mobile suitcase version for your testing on the field.

For AC-CCS Type 1 + Type 2
IEC 61851-1, SAE J1772 and ISO 15118

IEC 61851-1, SAE J1772, DIN 70121 and ISO 15118


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