GRAS 46BF-1 1/4" LEMO Free-field Standard Microphone Set

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GRAS 46BF-1 1/4" LEMO Free-field Standard Microphone Set

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The 46BF-1 is a free-field microphone set and as such optimized for all acoustic applications, where the location of the main sound source is known and the microphone can be pointed directly at it ensuring 0° incidence. However it should be noted that the small size of the 1/4" microphone body and diaphragm also enables pressure and random-incidence (diffuse field) measurements up to 20 kHz without removing the protection grid or need for further compensation. This all-use feature is very useful if you are not able to point out the nature of your sound field.

The high cut-off frequency makes it ideal for ultra-sonic diagnostics and impulse measurements, where minimum distortion and high resolution are obtained by the small size and fast response of the diaphragm.

Regarding temperature range, see the Specifications. Should higher temperature limits be required, we recommend considering  the GRAS probe microphones where the microphone and preamplifier can be isolated from the hot source.


Freq range: 4 Hz to 100 kHz
Dyn range: 35 dB(A) to 172 dB
Sensitivity: 3.6 mV/Pa
Use: For general acoustic diagnostics



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