GRAS 46DE 1/8'' CCP Pressure Standard Microphone Set

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GRAS 46DE 1/8'' CCP Pressure Standard Microphone Set

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The World's smallest Measurement Microphone


GRAS is proud to present the smallest measurement microphone set in the world - 46DE is the only microphone set where no parts are larger than 1/8''. Because of its small size and low sensitivity, 46DE is ideal for measuring high frequencies and high sound pressure levels. Furthermore, the small size allows measurements in confined spaces, not previously accessible. This includes scale models and other applications requiring a very small measurement micro phone, as well as in the event of the need for higher resolution by mounting several microphones in close proximity to each other.


46DE is a low-sensitivity pressure microphone set for sound measurements at high levels and high frequencies. It consists of a 40DD 1/8" pressure microphone and a 26CE 1/8" preamplifier. Normally a 1/8" microphone is used with a 1/4" preamplifier, but for 46DE GRAS has developed a 1/8" preamplifier, making the 46DE microphone set the world's smallest.


Freq range: 6.5 Hz to 140 kHz
Dyn range: 52 dB(A) to 174 dB
Sensitivity: 0.8 mV/Pa


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Product Applications

  • As the 46DE is smaller than any other measurement microphone, it can be used in any application where size constraints previously made it impossible to measure, be it separate microphones mounted in very confined spaces or a number of 46DEs mounted closely together for improved resolution. This fact opens the door to more application than we can suggest here.


  • 46DE's low sensitivity and small size makes it ideal for measurements of high levels and high-frequencies, and for measurements of im pulsive noise.


  • The low sensitivity and very small form factor makes the 46DE extremely versatile with respect to signal levels, frequency range and applications.


  • It can be used for measurements of turbulence and flow in wind tunnels and for engine testing. It is also ideal for measurements of impulsive noise from for example inflating airbags and noise from guns and explosives.


  • The very small size makes it possible to measure inside even very small scale models - it can be fitted inside small scale models with minimal disturbance to the sound field. Also, it can measure the higher frequencies used in scale model testing.


  • The 46DE is a pressure microphone set and as such optimized for acoustic measurements  of sound pressure at a boundary or wall; in which case the microphone forms part of the wall and measures the sound pressure on the wall itself. However, if used as you would a free-field microphone, it can be used up to at least 20 kHz before you need to apply free field corrections.


  • 46DE is also ideal where a large number of microphones on a small area is desired.