ICP Accelerometer / High Range (Triaxial - 4 pin)

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ICP Accelerometer / High Range (Triaxial - 4 pin)


ICP Accelerometer / High Range (Triaxial - 4 pin)

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A Triaxial Wireless Accelerometer is a vibration sensor specially designed for vibration analysis with universal compatibility. WiSER 3x is a wifi accelerometer that sends 3 axis vibration data + 1 additional channel simultaneously to any data collector in the market. Also, WiSER 3x is a wireless ultra-low noise accelerometer with 15 kHz bandwidth that exceeds the characteristics above all of most conventional accelerometers.

Triaxial Accelerometer Featres

  • 10kHz Range
  • 100mV/g
  • 4 pin
  • 24V
  • 5mA

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