Inatronics Exhibitions 2018 Invitation

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Inatronics Exhibitions 2018 Invitation

TME Systems will participate in INATRONICS 2018. Visit our booth to view our Telecommunication Acoustics related demonstrations such as

  • Multi Point Simulations
  • Sound level Psychoacoustic mobile acquisition device
  • Visualize stationary sound fields with Scan & Paint
  • Free-Field microphones
  • Programmable Automation Test Controller
3pass flex

Inatronics Details

  • Date: 3-5 May, 2018
  • Venue: Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) – Kemayoran, Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Booth number: D1E2-07
  • Time: 10am to 6pm

TME Systems is in the business of  Noise and Vibration testing for all aspects ranging from Automotive, Aircraft, Electronics, Manufacturing, Oil and gas, Mining, and more.

Our system covers Noise and Vibration analysis, such as :

  • Sound source localization – Find the source of noise
  • Background Noise Remover – Remove background noise, focusing only on Noise generated by the product
  • Filtering certain frequency – Singling out noise from certain frequency for analysis
  • FFT, Real time analyses (Monitoring/playback), level vs time/RPM – Third and octave analyses, power spectral density, reverberation time, distortion, specific loudness
  • Harmonic distortion vs time / vs frequency

Partners that will be showcased during the exhibition include

1. Head Acoustics

HEAD acoustics GmbH in Herzogenrath near Aachen, Germany, is one of the world’s leading companies for integrated acoustics solutions as well as sound and vibration analysis. The range of HEAD acoustics products are divided into systems for recording, analysis and playback of sounds and vibrations.

a. Vehicle Acoustics

Consulting for Vehicle Acoustics :

  • Seat and Steering wheel vibrations
  • Further sound sources
  • Combustion Noise
  • Power Train Noise analyzer
  • Pass by Noise/Road Noise
  • Power steering noise
  • Brake Noise
  • Door slam/Door Opening
  • Wind Noise
  • Panel Contributions
Acquisition and analysis software

Universal multi-channel software for all fields of sound and vibration analysis (data acquisition, analysis, playback, reporting, data management)

Head Visor and software

HEAD VISOR is an innovation from HEAD acoustics GmbH in the area of microphone array technology that suits localization, visualization, quantification and auralization of sound sources.

  1. Microflown –

Microflown Technologies testing division offers a range of services in the field of acoustics and vibrations. The services can be performed on site or in house, depending on application and customers wishes.

Scan and Paint

Sound source localization is an important topic in the field of sound & vibration, from the product development stage to the end off line control of products. Scan&Paint is a fast, easy and accurate tool to visualize stationary sound fields with an unmatched spatial resolution and full acoustic bandwith coverage (20Hz to 10kHz). The system is a superb engineering tool for troubleshooting or benchmarking all kinds of objects on the spot. No requirement for anechoic condition or chamber.

Near Field Acoustics Camera

b. Near Field Acoustic Camera

Sound source localization is an important topic in the working field of sound & vibration, from the product development stage to the end off line control of products. The Microflown PU-based Near Field Acoustic Camera is a very fast and accurate system for sound source localization. The sound pressure can be seen as a result of an object making too much noise where the particle velocity is very well suited to localize the cause of why an object is making too much noise. The Near Field Acoustic Camera can be used in real operating conditions and in reverberant conditions, it is no longer needed to have, or create anechoic conditions.

The products that would be show cause will be from Head Acoustics, GRAS, Gantner, Microflown and Norsonic.

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