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MAK Instructor-Led Training Service

VR-Forces User Course

Learn basics of VR-Forces: Creating objects, tasking objects, giving them plans to create basic scenarios. Then go into more depth of the various aspects of VR-Forces to help create complex multi-domain scenarios. Understand the basis of distributed simulation. Delve into various movement, sensors, and weapon systems. Learn how to configure the GUI to meet your needs. Use Lua to create new more complex behaviours.

Duration: 5 Days

Prerequisite: None


VR-Forces Configuration Course

Understand how to use the Simulation Object Editor to add or change objects used in VR-Forces. Configure new sensors, movement, weapon, and damage systems. Use the Visual Model Editor to change visual aspects and particle effects of the GUI. Learn how to configure and load various terrain formats. This course will be based on the Entity-Level simulation model set.

Duration: 5 Days

Prerequisite: VR-Forces User Course (Or experience and competency using VR-Forces)


VR-Forces Developer Course

Understand the VR-Forces architecture. Learn how to create new kinds of objects, behaviors, interactions, interfaces, and visualizations. Extend VR-Forces to connection and interact with other applications.

Duration: 5 Days

Prerequisite: C++, VR-Forces User Course, VR-Forces Configuration Course, or strong familiarity with using and configuring VR-Forces, Simulation Object Editor, and Visual Model Editor.


Ansys Systems Tool Kit quick start 5 days training


The Level 1 - Beginner training is a series of tutorials designed to get you started using STK.

The Level 2 - Advanced Training is a series of tutorials designed to take a user through STK's advanced capabilities.