Join us for the BR41N.IO Hackathons, BCI Workshop & Webinars!

Join us for the BR41N.IO Hackathons, BCI Workshop & Webinars!

BR41N.IO Hackathons are coming to
IEEE EMBS & BCI Meeting 2018!

From California to Honolulu: Be part of this unique learning experience, with 24 hours of programming, prototyping and designing new BCI headsets and useful applications!

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BR41N.IO Hackathons are supported by the IEEE Brain Initiative

Join G.tec for their BCI Workshop in Lithuania and online Webinars!

This two-day event aims to build theoretical knowledge base and skills to help participants understand and use brain-machine interfaces. The event is organized by the Institute of Biosciences Life Science Center at Vilnius University, in collaboration with the Functional Brain Mapping and Brain Computer Interface Lab (FBM-BCI Lab) at Florida Hospital, Orlando, Florida, USA and g.tec.

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g.tec offers online webinars throughout the year to present current research and developments involving Brain-Computer Interface, stroke rehabilitation, coma assessement, communication and cortical mapping.

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