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Klippel QC System

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The Klippel QC System is a cost effective modular Quality Control solution for all kinds of audio devices. It has been deployed transducers (tweeter, woofer, micro-speaker), passive systems (headphones, speaker box) and active audio systems (smart phone, tablet, speaker systems) and is used widely to improve quality control of audio devices.


The Klippel QC System provides a simplified user interface to the R&D system for end-of-line manufacturing quality control. The system is capable of detecting defective units reliably even if the symptoms are not audible in a noisy production environment. All these while providing valuable diagnostic information for detecting the root cause of the problem and information for not only Quality Control but also future R&D development. The ultimate goal is increase the manufacturing yield rate and provide valuable feedback on production quality to reduce cost and increase product quality.


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Product Overview

KLIPPEL QC – 100% Quality Control of Transducers, Parts and Audio System

The KLIPPEL QC Software satisfies the particular demands at the end of the assembly line and in routine tests used in pilot runs preparing for manufacturing. It is a modular system that realizes cost efficient solutions for testing all kinds of audio devices such as transducers (micro-speaker, woofer, tweeter), passive systems (speaker box, headphones) and active audio systems (speaker system, tablet, smart phone, car). Contrary to the R&D System, KLIPPEL QC hides the complicated physics and provides a simplified user interface with the necessary results required for manufacturing.


The QC Software is not only capable of detecting defective units reliably even if the symptoms are not audible in a noisy production environment, but it also focuses on the ultimate goal of increasing the yield rate in manufacturing. End-of-line testing provides valuable diagnostic information for detecting the root cause of the problem and allows you to fix the problem as soon as possible. While human testing at the end-of-line is replaced by automatic QC systems, the operator is required to perform a visual inspection of the defective unit at the diagnostic station. This provides valuable information for process control and feed-back to the R&D engineers developing future products.

Product Features

  • Ultra-fast testing at physical limit
  • Highly sensitive rub & buzz testing
  • Ambient noise detection – no false rejects
  • IEC 60268-21/22 compliant
  • Easy limit calculation, grading, limit import
  • Customizable test sequences, powerful add-ons
  • Dedicated operator and engineer access levels
  • Easy test management and synchronization of multiple production lines
  • Simple, flexible integration into assembling line
  • Works with KLIPPEL Analyzer, WDM/ASIO devices or audio files (open loop testing)



  • Ensure consistency of production
  • Best performance-cost ratio
  • Process control for maximum yield rate and lean manufacturing
  • More reliable than human ear testing
  • Comprehensive defect detection
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Flexible, modular solution to match your company needs

Product Applications

  • Woofer End-of-Line Test
  • Passive Speaker 
  • Active Speaker
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Headphone Testing 
  • Subwoofer Air Leak Test
  • Smart Speaker
  • Quality Control of Sound Reinforcement Equipment
  • Efficient, Mobile Quality Assurance of PA Speaker
  • Microspeaker EoL Test
  • Microphone Testing
  • Spider Test (LST Lite)
  • Passive Radiator Test (LST Pro)
  • USB Multimedia Speaker
  • Automobile Audio System
  • Handheld Recording Device
  • 2.1 System
  • Alternate Test Setup
  • Adjusting Factory EQ of Active Speakers
  • Handset Electronics and Acoustic Test
  • Power Amplifier


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