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What is LabVIEW? LabVIEW system design software is the tool of choice for engineers of all stripes, whether they’re building production test systems, automating benchtop measurements, prototyping wireless algorithms, or designing stand-alone systems. And though other software tools limit a user’s ability to fully customize systems to meet specific requirements, LabVIEW is uniquely designed to be both open and flexible. 





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Product Features

LabVIEW not only provides a native programming language for graphically mapping logical architecture into functional code but also helps companies realize better business results. Engineers can use it to acquire measurement data from any hardware device, perform inline signal processing for real-time results, integrate other software tools and languages, and make high-performance computing targets, such as multicore processors and FPGAs, approachable and programmable without deep architecture-specific knowledge. 


Benefits and Features of LabVIEW: 

  • You can program the way you think
  • Graphical Programming
  • Quickly create Professional User Interfaces
  • Seamlessly connect to all your hardware
  • Interoperate with the software tools you use
  • Visualize and understand your data with comprehensive built-in analysis capabilities


What can you do with LabVIEW

LabView solves engineering chanllenges across a broad range of application areas. Explore the area below that most closely aligns to your application to learn more. 


Measure Physical with Systems with Sensors or Actuators 

With LabVIEW and NI DAQ hardware, you can build a custom measurement solution to visualize and analyze real-word signals to make data-driven decisions


Validate or Verify Electronic Designs 

Using LabVIEW or and NI or third-party hardware, you can automate the validation of your product to meet challenging time to market and performance requirements


Develop Product Test Systems

Working with LabVIEW, you can create flexible test applications that control multiple instruments and design user interfaces to optimize your manufacturing test throughout and operational cost.


Design Smart Machines or Industrial Equipment 

You can build industrial equipment and smart machines faster with LabVIEW. NI's embedded design platform combines a complete software stack, tightly integrated and customizable hardware, and a vibrant ecosystem of users and IP. 


Teach Engineering Students

In the classroom or lab, you can teach students with real-world systems with using LabVIEW to increase rate of discovery, build solutions faster, and improve success. 

LabVIEW Hero Shot with Hardware 2020

The LabVIEW platform offers unprecedented integration with all measurement hardware, existing legacy software, and IP to help you solve today's problems and more effectively. It also provides the capacity to evolve to meet your future challenges.