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Modal Shakers

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Modal shakers are used in the study of vibration behavior of structures. No test specimen is mounted on such shakers. These shakers are mounted to the structure with a stinger and force is transferred from the shaker to the structure via this stinger. The structure under test and/or the modal shaker can be hung with components such as an elastic rope or spring during the test to simulate free-free boundary conditions. In this way it is possible to excite the test sample at different frequencies. As a result, the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the structure can be calculated with the vibration values measured over the structure.


Modal testing can be performed with modal hammers or shakers. If high frequency excitation content or signal controlled testing is desired, then modal shakers are the only excitation solution. Dynalabs modal shakers are lightweight and powerful modal shakers which can go up to 15,000 Hz and provide force levels up to 440N with a maximum 25mm stroke.


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Product Features


  • Modal stinger can be easily adjusted by the through-hole armature
  • Lightweight, durable, portable and easy to use 
  • Adjustable trunnion base provides high flexibility
  • Up to 25mm stroke and broad frequency range
  • Technical Specification
  • External Amplifiers Specifications
  • Blower Specifications



  •  Components
  •  Machinery
  •  Vehicles
  •  Aircraft and constructions
  •  Aerospace 
  •  Automotive


How to select Modal Shaker?

Dynalabs modal shakers cover a wide range of structures for dynamic characterization. Output force of the modal shakers can reach 440N and 15,000 Hz of excitation can be achieved. The following chart summarizes the application ranges of the modal shakers. The basic selection criteria is the size and weight of the structure. However, for localized testing small shakers such as MS-20 can be used in any structure.