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Introducing APx517B: The Next Level Manufacturing Test Equipment

15 Dec 2020

Measure Acoustic Devices with an All-in-One Solution

From headphones and headsets to speakers (passive, active, or smart), production line test presents its own set of unique challenges. Requirements include minimal setup or reconfiguration time, system reliability, and ease of use – all within a very distinct price range.

The APx517B Acoustic Analyzer is engineered with these factors in mind. Manufacturers can deploy an integrated acoustic test system that brings the renowned quality, reliability and robustness o-f Audio Precision hardware, paired with the easy-to-use APx software, to their production lines.

Combining analyzer, power amplifier, headphone amplifier, and microphone power supply, along with optional digital interfaces, the APx517B has the power to drastically reduce setup, reconfiguration, and calibration time while eliminating the underlying reliability risk of the multiple independent, and individually-sourced, components that make up traditional acoustic production test systems.

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