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Remote learning with GUNT on the fundamentals of head transfer 4

15 Dec 2020

Looking back at the beginning of 2020, who would have foreseen the challenges we are facing now in the area of teaching and instruction. Everything has changed, but that does not have to be all bad.

This crisis has forced us to overcome obstacles and stand united despite social distancing.

GUNT have worked on exciting projects and developed solutions which enable our clients to  conduct lectures and even practical laboratory experiments at a distance – and in full compliance with safety precautions.

In regards to engineering training, many lecturers and laboratory operators are facing a serious problem. Practical demonstrations and experiments in workshops and laboratories are essential, but will be difficult to conduct for the foreseeable future.

Because all GUNT equipment is particularly suitable for conducting technical training as “Remote Learning” without large expenses or prior knowledge.

  • no added cost
  • easy to access
  • no need to procure specialised equipment in order to access this valuable resource

With GUNT’s Thermoline Series “Principles of Heat Transfer” it will be shown how to do this and what is needed. This series of equipment does not only offer superior hardware, but also comprehensive software with a complete E-Learning Course. You will find the theory of heat transfer as interactive CBT (Computer Based Training), videos and much more – in up to four different languages.