Permanent Magnet Shakers

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Permanent Magnet Shakers

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Tests with standard shaker can be driven at different frequencies and amplitudes. In these tests the test specimen can be directly fixed to the shaker armature and vibrating surface area can be enlarged by using a head expander according to the specimen sizes. The vertical excitation can be translated into horizontal excitation by using slip table. In some cases, instead of changing the direction of the motion of the vibration, the part may be rotated and tested. The duration of the test and vibration levels are determined from test standards or real time measurements.

Dynalabs permanent magnet shakers are compact, lightweight and powerful general-purpose shakers which can be used for modal and vibration testing. They have high DUT capacity despite their small sizes. DYN-PM-20 and PM-100 has an integrated amplifier and a sine wave signal generator where the frequency can be adjusted from 1 Hz to 15,000Hz.


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Product Features


  • Lightweight, durable, portable and easy to use
  • Adjustable trunnion base provides high degree of flexibility 
  • Broad frequency range
  • Embedded power amplifier and signal generator for PM- 20 and PM-100
  • Technical Specifications
  • External Amplifiers Specifications
  • Blower Specifications



  •  Vibration testing of micro parts, assemblies, and electronics     
  •  Sensor calibration
  •  Modal testing
  •  Shock testing
  •  Fatigue and resonance testing
  •  Velocity transducer or high-speed actuator
  •  Mechanical impedance measurement
  •  Education and research