Phantom Thermographic Camera

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Phantom Thermographic Camera

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Thermal Camera allows us to detect infrared radiations that are impossible to get with the naked eye, this is often a great advantage to avoid failures in our machinery, as temperature non-uniformity usually indicates a fault or a critical point.

Industrial Maintenance, Electrical Panel Monitoring, Construction Analysis, Electronic Circuits Design and manufacture, are just a few of the multiply application for this instrument.

With the Phantom Thermographic Camera, you can accurately measure the temperature of surfaces within 1-meter distance. The best wireless condition monitoring system worldwide, PHANTOM™, now give you this powerful tool. Keep track of your machines’ temperature through infrared images. Locate pixels and create trends from them. 


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Product Overview

Start Measuring you Machine’s temperature

The Phantom thermographic camera has everything you need to start collecting data without the need of additional accessories. Place the Phantom up to 1 m from the object and track the temperature. 

Add it to your measurement point trough DigivibeMX and you will be ready to monitor your machines.



Analize your Thermal Camera Data

Easily access your data through DigivibeMX. Select the pixel you want to analyse and get the temperature trend at that point.

DigivibeMX is compatible with all our Phantom Condition Monitoring sensors, including of course the new phantom Thermal camera. In addition, the software can connect to the cloud or any local database to analyze the data sent by your Phantom sensors.



Web Application for Phantom

We created EI-Analytic so that you can view your machinery without having to install any additional programs. Just Login and review your data, trends, and more. Additionally, you are able to change the configurations from the site, as well as checking battery life of all your phantom’s type, vibration, thermal camera, current, and all your condition monitoring sensors.


Product Features

Phantom Thermographic Camera Main Features

  • BLE 5.0 comunication

  • IP5X Protection

  • 1-2 years of Battery

  • 1 to 16 frames to Capture

  • Measurement Temperature range from -40 to 300 °C (-40 to +572°F)

  • Operating Temperature range from -40 to +75 °C (-40 to +167 °F)

  • Configurable Send interval data, from 5 to 720 minutes

  • Captures a picture or a GIF


  • Convenience

Sometimes it is just too difficult to place sensors and wires all the way from a machine to a control room. This wireless sensor can be placed anywhere within the range.


  • Compatibility

The Phantom Thermographic Camera works with the Phantom Standard Gateway, its compatible with DigivibeMX windows application and Phantom Manager app for iOS and Android.


  • Security

The signal from the Phantom sensors is encrypted, which ensures the reliability of the information and the security of your data.



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