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  • March 13, 2017

AeroTrain Corporation provides affordable and effective training products and solutions for aircraft maintenance training schools. The company specializes in the design and development of training-aids for aircraft engines, aircraft systems, instruments, avionics, and electrical systems relevant to aircraft maintenance training. With the rise of E-learning, AreoTrain has developed multimedia computer based training (CBT) courseware that cover almost all major topics taught in a typical aircraft maintenance training program. Together, they provide a balance curriculum for students in aerospace engineering and aircraft maintenance.

AeroTrain products are continuously updated to meet the training requirements as mandated by The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and The European Air Safety Agency (EASA).

Powerplant trainers

The aircraft powerplant trainers provide hands-on training environment maintenance training. AeroTrain systems come in basic engines, gas turbines, Auxillary Power Units(APU) trust reversers etc. and come in various functions for basic maintenance, engine removal, cross section training and testing to understand the engine systems. Trainees learn not only the physical characteristics, operating principles of turbine, and reciprocating engines but also how to perform hands-on tasks as required under FAA or EASA Part 147 regulations.

All trainers can be supplemented with comprehensive Computer Based Training (CBT) courseware that covers the powerplant system and all topics that must be taught as per FAA or EASA requirements.

Aircraft Systems Trainers

Aircraft System Trainers provide hands-on training for aircraft various components in a safe and comfortable environment without having the whole aircraft purchased. Trainees learn the principles of operation for the various aircraft systems and also how to perform maintenance tasks that closely replicate the real life scenarios. The aircraft system training equipment incorporate actual aircraft parts to ensure every training are as close as possible to working with an actual aircraft.

Avionics & Instruments Trainers

AreoTrain offer a wide selection of avionics trainers, which are based on real avionics equipment from renowned manufacturers such as Honeywell (Bendix/King), Garmin, Dynon, Aspen, etc. These trainers are perfect for real operational demonstration and explanation of the avionics equipment in the cockpit for communication, navigation, identification, weather, terrain awareness, flight management, and automatic flight controls. These trainers are configured and wired identical to real aircraft installations so actual avionics maintenance tasks can be performed on these trainers. Comprehensive manuals are supplied with each training equipment explaining their functions and how they are interrelated with other avionics equipment.

The avionics & instruments trainers can be supplemented with optional comprehensive Computer Based Training (CBT) courseware that covers all topics required by FAA, FCC, or EASA requirements.

Computer Based Training (CBT) Software

Computer Based Training (CBT) or E-learning software are designed to enhance the students comprehension and retention of the information. The CBT courseware compliments the classroom teaching, providing a self-paced learning resource for students. AreoTrain offers 3 types of Commercial-Of-Shelf CBT courseware and custom solutions:

  • Basic CBT: Foundation topics that cover the pre-requisite for studies related to aircraft systems.
  • Air Transport Association (ATA) CBT: ATA chapters covering detailed descriptions of aircraft systems.
  • EASA Part 66 CBT: EASA 66 Modules 1 through 17 which are the same contents as FAA Part 147 maintenance curriculum.

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