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  • March 13, 2017

Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) is a provider of commercial software for designing, developing and operating missions within the Space, Intelligence and National Defence Communities. AGI software are designed for Modelling, Simulation and Analysis of Engineering and Various Operations and be deployed in multiple fields including Space, Cyberspace, Unmanned Ariel Vehicals (UAV), C4ISR, Missile and Electronic Systems.

STK’s add-on modules


STK’s add-on modules provide more sophisticated modeling, simulation and analysis capabilities for users who need mission-specific depth. AGI provides various off the shelf add-on modules for Communications, Radar, Satelite, Aircraft Mission etc. and cost-effective customised solutions for your user needs.

For more information on STK’s add-on modules please contact TME systems at info@tmesystems.net.

STK Terrain

STK Terrain Server provides an optimized, open-formatted terrain source for any Cesium, STK or third-party application. Users can populate the STK Terrain Server with a private terrain source alongside of AGI’s pre-processed data to create a blended terrain mosaic. This video is narrated by STK Terrain Server Lead Developer, Alexander Wood.

Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK)

Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK) is designed for orbit determination and orbit analysis for the whole satellite life and its tracking systems. Built with the same astrodynamic functions as AGI’s STK software suite, ODTK leverages on a state-of-the-art optimal sequential filter to provide a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional measurements. Its tracking measurement simulator allows for tracking system design and analysis regardless if real tracking measurements are available or not for clear forecasting of the Satelittes Orbit.

This commercially available technology is used in many operational missions, including multi-billion dollar civil and intelligence systems, low earth orbit, geostationary orbit and even lunar orbits . It’s fully documented API allows for easy integration with other flight dynamics solutions for automation of large scale enterprise systems.

Cesium Pro

Cesium Pro is geospatial visualization JavaScript library tuned for dynamic display of date. It allows for clearer visualization of data, with realistic graphics or building modeling and capable of the same physics based simulation provided by STK. Cesium Pro provides convenience products that enable visual terrain better while providing :

  • Sensors that are used to represent the field-of-view for objects
  • 3D, time-varying vectors that enhance spatial understanding between objects moving in a Cesium globe
  • Fan geometry that can be used to visualize azimuth-elevation masks or view-sheds

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