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  • March 14, 2017
Audio Precision Logo

Audio Precision is a world leader in Audio Analyzers for all audio applications. With 30 years experiences in designing and building the most precision analyzers in the world, Audio Precision currently leads with an extensive range multi-channel audio analyzer, the only 24-bit, one megahertz FFTs audio analyzer, the lowest THD+N and flattest response audio analyzer and the only HDMI audio analyzer in the world.

Combining the power and versatility of APx500 measurement software with 3rd party audio interfaces

The APx500 Flex audio analyzer—comprised of APx500 measurement software and an APx500 Flex Key—allows you to select the ASIO-capable audio interface of your choice to usealong with AP’s versatile and powerful APx audio measurement software. Start with the measurement options you need now, with the freedom to add additional measurements as your test requirements evolve. APx500 Flex is ideal for cost-sensitive production test applications. Customizable measurement packages allow users to tailor their test bench to specific audio test requirements.

Learn more: APx500 Flex Audio Analyzer Data Sheet

APx Bluetooth Duo Module

Audio Precision - APx555 Audio Analyzer with Bluetooth Duo

The Audio Precision Bluetooth Duo option is a completely revised, upgraded Bluetooth® hardware module, with dedicated source and sink radios, new Bluetooth chips and the latest firmware, higher RF power, and improved RF shielding. Supported by Audio Precision’s APx500 measurement software (NOTE: version 4.5 or later required), Bluetooth Duo offers a range of new audio codecs, new operational features in the supported profiles, and faster connection times. The option can be installed into any APx modular analyzer manufactured later than mid-2012. (AP’s legacy Bluetooth module is available for earlier generations APx analyzers or cases where APx500 software v4.4.2 or earlier is required.)

As an APx module, Bluetooth Duo is part of an all-in-one solution, integrated into the analyzer and leveraging the power and flexibility of the APx system. Bluetooth Duo can share the analog, digital, chip-level I2S and TDM protocols, PDM, or HDMI input/output capabilities installed in the analyzer. Intuitive and powerful, the APx500 software provides access to a long list of audio measurements and Bluetooth settings and parameters. APx creates logs of sent and received commands and interactions, and can easily automate Bluetooth I/O, connection, pairing, and settings commands in a stepped sequence for production work. When new Bluetooth features and improvements are made available, Bluetooth firmware upgrades can be distributed and installed in the field.

APx Bluetooth Duo Datasheet

APx555 Audio Analyzer

Audio Precision - APx555
High-Performance, Modular 2-Channel Audio Analyzer

The APx555 is Audio Precision flagship product and the new standard for audio analyzers. Built without compromise, it is developed for R&D engineers and production technicians who need the highest possible performance with a broad range of I/O options.
The APx555 unprecedented electrical & acoustic signal analysis performance can be see from its typical residual THD+N of -120 dB and over 1 MHz bandwidth. It is coupled with a FFTs of 1.2 million points and full 24-bit resolution making it superior to any other Audio Analyzer.
APx555 comes standard with two balanced and two unbalanced analog inputs and outputs and 216k digital inputs and outputs via AES/EBU, TOSLINK and SPDIF. It is customizable with additional Digital Serial, HDMI with ARC, PDM and Bluetooth I/O can be added on via various modules for the customers testing needs.
Similar to all APx series, the APx555 comes with an Advanced Master Clock (AMC) module to handle input and output clock signals to synchronize the APx555 with external equipment (or vice versa) and allows the APx555 to do jitter generation and analysis.

To learn more on how APx555 can improve your R&D, contact TME Systems Singapore for a free consultation today.

APx525 Series – Modular 2-channel performance audio analyzers

APx525 Series – Modular 2-channel performance audio analyzers
Multifunctional Modular Analyzer

The APx52X Series of audio analyzers is a cost effective version of the APx555. Combining Audio Precision’s award-winning user interface and legendary performance with a comprehensive range of modular I/O options, the APx525 is designed R&D engineers and production technicians who want fast and easy audio test.

Learn more about APx525

APx58x Series – 8-channel modular audio analyzers

Multiple Input/Output Analyzer

The APx58x series are true multi-channel audio analyzer that is ideal for designing and testing consumer devices such as home theatre receivers or mixing consoles. They come in 8 simultaneous(APx585) & 16 simultaneous(APx586) analog outputs and inputsand a comprehensive range of modular I/O options for testing multi-channel audio devices.

Learn more about APx58x

APx515 Audio Analyzer – 2-Channel Audio Production Analyzer

APx515 Audio Analyzer – 2-Channel Audio Production Analyzer
Production Testing Analyzer

The APx515 is a high performance audio analyzer optimized for production testing. Rendered to return 21 audio measurements in as low as 1.2 seconds, the APx515 ensure a consistent high quality control with no bottlenecks on the production line.

Learn more about APx515

2700 Series Audio Analyzers – World Renowned 2-Channel Audio Analyzers

Analog and Digital Signal Analyzer

The 2700 Series is designed for audio engineers who need a high-performance, low-distortion and flexibility in their audio analyzer. Designed to measure both analog and digital signals with its true dual-domain architecture, the 2700 Series can accomplish signal analysis using the best of both worlds effectively and give the user the right information.

Learn more about 2700 Series

APx1701 Transducer Test Interface

Market-leading performance in electro-acoustic test

Developed for designers and production test engineers seeking clear insight into the behaviour of their electro-acoustic devices, the APx1701 Transducer Test Interface is an APx500 software-controlled test accessory that combines instrument-grade amplification with signal conditioning for pre-polarized measurement microphones, and phantom power for professional microphones.

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