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  • November 5, 2020

The Tool of Choice to Create, Simulate, Animate and Troubleshoot Circuits!

For over 30 years, Automation Studio™ has proven its strength in technical and engineering educational institutions worldwide by helping students better understand the behaviour and interaction of technologies with an intuitive visual learning approach before moving on to the hands-on experience.

Complete Software Solution for Teaching Future Technicians and Engineers that Covers all Levels

If you teach subjects related to hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and control technologies, the illustration of concepts and the behaviour of systems are no doubt at the heart of your requirements. Created in 1986 by Famic Technologies to meet the needs of technical teaching and training and used in thousands of schools worldwide, Automation Studio™ is a unique software solution, which offers intuitive design, animation, simulation and system analysis features in a versatile and user-friendly environment. It allows teachers to present more content in less time, improves students’ understanding of concepts and diagnosis capabilities and brings to schools, colleges and universities an optimal return on investment.

The Most Cost-Effective Solution for Teaching and Learning
Automation Studiois a complete solution which covers a wide array of technologies. It is offered to schools at a very attractive price.

Maximum Return on Investment:
One Solution for Several Departments
Since it covers most industrial technologies, Automation Studio™ is ideal for many curricula and can therefore be used by several schools’ departments. They can take advantage of one single complete software solution and share its cost

Online Remote Access Licensing
Easy-to-use, reliable and accessible, wherever you are!
Benefit from an online remote access license connection for teachers and students. You can prepare and simulate your courses and homework from home, school or workplace.


Course material is available for various technologies. It provides teachers and trainers with the essentials for preparing course curriculum. Automation Studio™ offers guides, lectures, animations and lab notes for all levels of discipline. Unlike other teachware made using multimedia sequences, course content offered by Automation Studio™ is interactive and animated live by the software’s simulation. Teachers can modify this content using Automation Studio™ to better fit their needs

Interactive Lab Exercises

Interactive lab exercises created in Automation Studio™ are available for different technologies to test students’ comprehension. These exercises include simple schematics that can be simulated and animated in order to be analyzed. Students can answer related questions for each exercise using the provided interactive form in Automation Studio™. Teachers can also modify these exercises and create new ones


The Workflow allows teachers to create and sequence content in order to evaluate students’ knowledge retention. It does not require any programming knowledge and it can be used to create all types of interactive and automated exercises. Text-to-speech can also be integrated to include voiced instructions for each exercise.

All-in-One Mechatronics Teaching and Learning Software Solution From Basic Concepts to Multi-Technology Systems

Increase your productivity and reduce product time-to-market

Whether you are involved in the design, training, sales, production or maintenance, Automation Studio™ can help your organization by improving quality, speeding up workflow and boosting productivity while simultaneously reducing costs and enhancing all aspects of project communication.

Automation Studio™ is intended to be used by engineers and specialists in Fluid Power, Electrical & Automation

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