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  • March 15, 2017

Bird Technologies

Bird Technologies for the last 70 years has been the industry’s standard in radio frequency product “reliability”. The “reliability” of Bird products can be defined from its accuracy and precision to longevity and clarity. Bird is focused on delivering this “reliability” regardless of criticality, use, or metrics. Even in harsh conditions that do not have much “wiggle room”, Bird designs and builds products that can handle the  challenging situations.

Bird knows the RF challenges intimately and understands that downtime is costly and inaccuracies are dangerous. Therefore reliability for bird is both a promise and reality. This makes Bird the military’s most trusted expert in RF communications and have been used for commercial applications to military maintenance to electronic military instrumentation

RF Analyzers

Bird Technologies designs and builds RF analyzers for the most challenging situations and harsh conditions.  All RF Analyzers are rugged solutions for field analysis needs. Ranging from the multi-functional SignalHawk Series, Spectrum Analyzers and Vector Network Analyzers to the SA Series, a user-friendly test solution for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting your antenna and cable systems. Bird also makes AT Antenna Testers which provide a cost-effective, fast, graphical way of determining the quality of mobile and base station antennas.
No matter the product, its application or its customer, each is made with our single-minded devotion to reliability.

RF Sensors and Meters

Bird makes the world’s most reliable RF laboratory sensor and meters for the most challenging situations.

Base on decades of providing highly accurate power measurement of laboratory and semiconductor production processes, Bird sensors are highly accurate and long lasting. Each sensor is integrated to turnkey calibration carts that integrate all the components required to measure, display and dissipate power from RF delivery systems. More sophisticated systems for VIP and BDS have been developed to measure voltage, current and also the phase relationships between them to enable a higher degree of insight into modern, complex semiconductor processes.

RF Atteneutors and Equipment

When it comes to high power Radio Frequency Attenuators, Bird is the brand to go for. Bird manufactures a broad spectrum of devices from 2 W to 4000W. The product portfolio includes air-cooled, water-cooled, oil-dielectric, convection cooled, and conduction cooled RF attenuators with a wide range of connectors and attenuation values.

Complementing Bird line of products is a wide range of highly reliable RF components. This ranges from antennas, duplexers, terminations and loads to RF filters and plug-in elements. All built with the reliability as promised by Bird.

RF Signal Boosters

RF Signal Boosters are primarily used to solve coverage problems such as buildings, tunnels, parking garages, underground areas that impenetrable RF locations.

In the late 70’s, it was Bird that designed and installed the very first signal booster. Now Bird RF designs signal booster for all types of environmental and challenging conditions. Bird RF signal boosters meet the needs for enterprise, mission critical, operations critical needs and are NFPA Compliant, Channelized and have Digital applications. Most models comply with New International Fire Code and National Fire Protection Association (IFC/NFPA) Standards.

RF Tower-Top Amplifiers

Tower-Top Amplifier (TTA) is an important component in systems typically above 700 MHz. For the best operating performance, TTA are placed as close to the receiving antenna as practically possible to minimize feedline loss. The TTA will manage and amplify the signal which will increase sensitivity, often in excess of 10 dB, can make up for imbalances between mobile and handheld users in critical systems.

Bird Technologies, TX RX systems brand Tower-Top Amplifiers (TTA) are high performance, quadrature-coupled low noise amplifiers (LNA) designed to increase the performance of a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) while ensuring reliable communications for critical public safety applications.

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