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  • March 15, 2017



COMPRION is a world leader in smart card compliance and manufactures equipment for smart card terminal testing, smart card testing and monitoring for both contact based and contactless(NFC) devices. COMPRION devices are designed to work together through its SIMphony program to detect possible bugs and “issues” when devices detect and communicate with each other or with infrastructure systems such as telecommunication hardware or building card readers.

As COMPRION is involved in a number of standardization and regulation organisations, COMPRION products are on par to the latest in international standards and can support customer needs for the complete development process until the final product launch.

Smart Card Testing

COMPRION smart card testing covers both the development of new cards and ensuring card are inter-compatible. Regardless of USB, SWP or ISO interface of a Smart Card,chip development, Smart Card protocol implementation or application implementation, COMPRION products can detect critical points of these technologies for rectification.

COMPRION card test tool support all development phases of a Smart Card by simulating the terminal (e.g. handset) and running the latest test cases against the Smart Card to ensure product reacts in the appropriate way. This includes, digital and analogue terminal simulation for ISO/SWP/HCI, GlobalPlatform qualification, real test case execution and test cases for 3GPP/3GPP2, ETSI and GlobalPlatform.

Smartcard Monitoring - MiniMove

The pocket tracer for all smart card interfaces

COMPRION monitoring tools trace the communication on the Smart Card interface with the focus to ensure interoperability between handsets and Smart Cards. Combining a comprehensive GUI with innovative hardware, they ensure reliability, accuracy and portability between equipment making them the best hardware for interoperability testing in the lab, in the field or any other location. This includes simultaneously trace contactless and contact-based communication on ISO/IEC 7816, SWP/HCI, IC-USB.

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Terminal Testing

COMPRION’s terminal test tools test (U)SIM interfaces across the entire product development chain from the very first technological spark of an idea e.g. for a new “mobile phone” all the way through to rollout.

By simulating the Smart Card and by running the latest GCF/CCF/PTCRB or EMV tests, you find out if your terminal reacts in the appropriate way. COMPRION simulators support chip card technologies covering ISO/IEC 7816 1–4, SWP, HCI and NFC interfaces including combined handset testing with an integrated network simulator technology, COMPRION SIMfony.

Contactless Testing

With Smart Card breaking free from its contact based bonds, contactless testing, monitoring and compliance has become a need in our changing technology landscape. NFC-based business models such as ticketing, micro payment, P2P and access systems are growing and increasingly dominating the mobile market. Smart Cards continue to play a central role in this contactless technology using the SWP interface and COMPRION understands the need is there for testing, communication efficiency and the eradication of bugs.

COMPRION line contactless test tools help ensure that all products conform to the latest NFC and EMVCo standards. Coming in various sizes, contactless testing comes integrated in COMPRION various products in all sizes from the small mini move to the repetitive testing NFC Forum Analog Test Solution(on the left) to cover all you Contactless testing needs.

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Mobile Phone Contactless testing

From the large number of mobile phone makers along with the wide range of combined technologies and devices already in use, mobile payments still have many “teething” problems that need monitoring and understanding.

With this, COMPRION proposes Nano Tracer, a non-intrusive smartphone case equipped with a contactless tracing technology. Nano Tracer captures the contactless interaction between smartphones and point-of-sale terminals in the field, tracing payment transactions under real-life conditions. Monitoring the transaction without affecting mobile phone or the point of sale and gathering data for analysis and improvements.

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Remote SIM provisioning (RSP) M2M testing

COMPRIONs RSP M2M Test Platform allows for advanced testing of remote SIM provisioning (RSP) scenarios. This consist of a comprehensive collection of server simulations providing SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) interfaces can test all possible RSP scenarios and entities. Its modularity capabilities guarantee a flexible and lightweight test setup that tailors to the individual testing needs.

Embedded UICCs (eUICCs or eSIMs) can be tested regardless if they are accessible or if they are soldered into a device. RSP M2M Test Platform supports user-specific RSP procedures and executes these using the SOAP interfaces of the server simulations. With RSP Test Platform, it is possible to test each entity of the RSP architecture: eUICCs, MNO, SM-DP and SM-SR servers, and also devices carrying the eUICC.

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