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  • March 14, 2017


DADiSP (pronounced day-disp) is an interactive graphics worksheet for display, management, analysis and presentation of scientific and technical data. It allows for collecting, manipulating, editing,  transforming, displaying or analyzing data allowing users to handle and simplify data. From data input and acquisition, to analysis, display and manipulation, DADiSP provides the best output for journals, reports and presentations.

With DADiSP you can acquire, input and generate sample data while displaying the results in multiple windows for immediate graphic comparison. You can reduce and transform data, using any of hundreds of on-board analysis functions, instantly graphing the results of each stage of your work. DADiSP doesn’t require mastering any programming skills or arcane command sets allowing you to perform data analysis the way you think about data analysis

Visualizing Data

DADiSP enables you to look at your data from different points of view. View data from basic table of numbers or a line graph to complex 3-D plots & 4-D colonization. DADiSP automatically captures data generated by most laboratory instruments and test and measurement equipment, making data available for immediate graphic display and analysis, ideal for quality management and factory monitoring applications.

With DADiSP, you can dynamically scroll, expand or compress your data in any direction. Zoom in on a region of interest, add grids, include scales and engineering units. View the data in multiple colours, overlay one graph with another with as many overlays as you wish.
Let DADiSP help you take control of automated test and measurement equipment, or even production equipment.reliability.

DADiSP Octave

DADiSP/Octave is a menu driven module designed to simplify the task of octave, 1/3 octave and 1/N octave analysis used to characterize acoustic energy in a wide variety of applications.

DADiSP/Octave provides 1/N octave analysis using true IIR digital filters that conform to ANSI S1.11 and IEC 1260 specifications. A, B and C weighting filters can be applied to the input data. Output results include mean power, max power, min power and un-weighted RMS values. The output can be normalized with a calibration value. The results can be plotted on log or linear axes and exact or preferred frequency values are supported. All options can be specified through a straightforward dialog box interface.

Wav Audio Module

DADiSP WAV audio module is fully integrated with the DADiSP Worksheet to provide a complete digital audio data analysis, display and processing environment. DADiSP/WAV allows the user to quickly read, write, and edit digital audio data from WAV format files via a pop-up menus or simple one line functions.
The DADiSP/WAV module supports PCM integer WAV format and extensible floating point WAV format for mono and stereo data files allowing users to have the flexibility to work directly with their data and take full advantage of the WAV file.

Learn more of DADiSP WAV

Shock Response Spectrum Module

The Shock Response Spectrum(SRS) module is designed for the analysis of the shocks and the after effects. SRS Analysis is a useful tool in minimizing the potential damage to a component due to shock and is employed in industries such as aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, defense and ordnance evaluation.
Given acceleration time history data, the SRS module allows the user to choose from a variety of industry standard analysis methods and select the desired frequency range and spacing. The damping ratio or Q factor and other relevant standards.

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