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  • December 22, 2020

D&V Electronics

Testing the Future

D&V designs and manufactures state of the art Performance, Endurance and Production testing systems for the global automotive industry. These are complete systems for the advanced testing of Electric and Hybrid Vehicle motors, inverters, batteries and E-axles.

For the ISG/BSG industry, D&V has proven testing systems already developed and installed.

D&V is the #1 supplier of starter and alternator testing systems.

Their customers include OEM’s, Tier One’s, retail stores, military organizations, and the remanufacturing industry.

D&V offers a comprehensive product offering to test automotive drivetrain systems or individual electrified components. Below is an example of the various testing applications for EV/HEV E-Motor, inverter, ISB/BSG, and battery solutions:

EPT-100 Production Testing

The EPT series is testing the future of hybrid/electric vehicle motors and controllers with a superior combination of performance, accuracy and flexibility.

The EPT Series of testing systems are specifically designed for the testing of electric and hybrid propulsion systems – specifically the motors and drives (inverters). The EPT Series share a common platform but can be built in a variety of configurations to accommodate lab testing, durability testing and end-of-line (EOL) testing.

The EPT-100 is a PC based test system for defining electrical and mechanical motor characteristics. This system features different levels of automation for production testing environments. The energy regeneration feature means low power consumption for running tests.

The ability to measure complete performance curves, BEMF (back electromotive force) voltages and resolver signals define measuring conditions, define test conditions, and set limits for the corresponding parameters are just some of the features of the EPT-100. It can operate in manual mode with full adjustability of all parameters: speed, torque, load, voltage, etc. As well as run a programmable profile for testing. The pre-programmed profiles for testing that the EPT-100 comes with include performance, BEMF, resolver position, free run, locked rotor and coast down.

Electric Motor Emulator – Motor Drive Inverter Testing

The E-Motor Emulator mimics the 4-quadrant electrical output of a 3-phase synchronous or induction motor/generator under user-controlled speed, torque and temperature conditions thereby simulating an electric drive train.

This electronic dynamometer, with facility requirements suitable for laboratory installations, offers significant advantages in test capabilities and flexibility with low acquisition and operating costs.


Supports multiple motor/generator characteristics in a single set of hardware. Unique machine types (PM and Induction) and characteristics (voltage/speed; inductance; thermal variations) are emulated based on User defined criteria.
Compatible with most known PWM switching methods (space-vector, sine-triangle, LHC & others)
Re-circulates power between the EME and Inverter Under Test thereby eliminating cost and complexity of re-circulating power back to facility mains. 208/380 or 480 VAC facility power sized for make-up power only (about 25% of system rating).
Enables test under extreme operating conditions in a safe mode without harm to the Inverter or Test Equipment (high rate of change, overspeed, continuous overload conditions).
Dual-mode operation
Integral High-Voltage DC Supply (Isolated)
Dual channel available for HEV, PHEV and EREV to drive more than one machine.
Small footprint supports installation into laboratory and environmental test facilities with minimal exhaust heat.
Scalable – single channel models from 50kW to 275kW. Dual channel up to 550kW
Advantages Of Using A D&V Electric Motor Emulator

  • Integral HV & LV battery emulators
  • Configurable internal motor models with drive cycle simulation
  • P-HIL compatible with OpalRT real time simulation
  • Over 70 user selectable DAC outputs provide system information including motor characteristics not available from real motor


  • Minimal facility requirements – power sized for make-up power only (about 25% of system rating)
  • Enables small footprint / casters
  • Low operating cost
  • Ability to test overspeed, burst and locked rotor conditions
  • Supports DPWM, SVM, Sine-Triangle, etc.


  • Relocate – small footprint with casters supports positioning multiple units around environmental chamber
  • Scalable from one up to four emulators connected in parallel (up to 1.1MW)
  • Reconfigure for 3 up to 6 phase emulation
  • Dual independent channels available to drive more than one machine
  • Test with or without real battery pack
  • Reconfigure to optimize for multiple voltage levels (48/350/800)
  • Control from PC or test automation system

DC Emulator – DC Power System and Component Testing

The DC Emulator offers superior performance that enables you to conduct required testing of electrified vehicle components and systems, with capacity for future requirements.

The DC Emulator (DCE) provides wide bandwidth, up to 20kHz, stimulation or emulation of the DC power system and components. lt has the ability to sweep at full power, to frequencies that include the ripple of the emulated component, and provides for full characterization of system resonances and characteristics. Available from 100kW to 2.6MW, this DC source/sink emulates dynamic, complex bidirectional loads with best in class frequency response, deterministic streaming with <1uS latency, bidirectional full power slew rate of <100uS and repeatable noise/ripple generation. Ideal for testing vehicle energy systems and components, including batteries, and for HIL with real-time simulation to emulate large switching and regenerative loads to study their effect on the whole power system.

BSG-198 Aftermarket Testing

D&V has developed the BSG-198 to test the new Belted Starter Generators for 12V and 48V systems.

The BSG-198 builds on the industry leading capabilities of the ALT-198 by adding BSG testing with CAN and LIN communications. The BSG-198 will be the test system of the future for remanufacturers of Belt Starter Generator technology.

BSG-186 Performance and Production Testing – Belt Starter Generator Test Systems

The BSG-186 is capable of testing Belt Starter Generators up to 300V, or higher.  With multiple configurations, it can provide either belt torque or direct drive torque measurement capability.

The BSG-186 can be configured with regen load banks and starter power supplies, or high performance DC-DC regen systems. Capable of testing for performance, warranty or production, the versatility of the BSG-186 is the perfect BSG test system.

Performance, warranty, and low volume production in one testing system
Optional belt or direct drive torque measurement
Load bank and starter power supply or DC-DC regen power supply

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