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  • April 16, 2019


wireless-daq- units

Wireless DAQ Units

Wireless DAQ Units-WI Series is one of the wireless series products developed for monitoring the running state of rotating machinery. It is a new type of special monitor for monitoring the running state of equipment.

It is fixed at the monitoring point of the equipment.Vibration in three directions and bearing temperature are transmitted to the computer through wireless network.

It can display the track of historical changes and realize the centralized management of multiple equipment.

Portable Dynamic Signal Analyzers

The DE-864W Dynamic Signal Analyzers is a multi-functional, high-portable data acquisition system composed of a high-performance embedded computer, a 9.7-inch hd touch display, a SSD and a DAQ card.

With abundant channel types and interfaces, it can be flexibly connected to various types of sensors to test and analyze a variety of physical quantities such as voltage, current, stress, strain, pressure, displacement, velocity, and acceleration.

Portable Dynamic Signal Analyzers-

Rugged Data Recorder

The RU-846 Rugged Data Recorder, made of aluminum alloy with mini size, lighter weight and strong impact resistance, specially designed for vehicles, airborne, shipboard and other occasions with narrow installation space. RU-846 adopts modular combination design.

Extended via USB hub, RU-846 can be used for parallel and synchronous test and analysis of 96 channels dynamic signals by a single computer, and widely used for performance test and analysis of various structures in aerospace, weapons, automotive engineering, sports safety equipment and other industries.