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  • March 13, 2017

Festech Automation is in the field of automation training systems and produces a line of products that cover all aspects of a good automation line. Their products includes the designing and building of an automation line, the various resources that run various parts of the line, robotic software, maintenance and servicing of automation lines and equipment.

Their system is designed based on a patented one-touch mounting system for ease of use. All educational equipment does not need any tools for operating and the parts easily fit onto the profile panel regardless of the direction.

Hydraulics/Pneumatics Training Systems

Feastech hydraulics/pneumatics training kits allow students to understand the basics of hydraulics/pneumatics and structure and function of hydraulic/pneumatic devices. This includes measuring the pressure and flow rate, calculating numerical formular, designing hydraulic circuits and their control systems.

Feastech automation training sets come in basic, advance and electrical hydraulics/pneumatics with the option of the transparent kit for demonstration purposes (shown on left).

Programmable Logic Controller Trainer

Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) trainers includes a cpu with program based control as well as basic sequence control by replacing relay, timer, counter in control panel into semiconductor and transistors. Trainers composed of a cpu, input/output interface for connecting external devices, a power supply and peripheral devices for writing programs into the memory of PLC.

PLCs comes either in standard or all in one trainers and are compliant to industrial standards set by LS Industry inc, Siemens, Mitsubishi and Omron.

Process Control System

Carrying out training directly on industrial systems rarely happen as the production process would be interrupted leading to the lack of practice-oriented training for students on a proper production line. Festech Automation fills the gap by providing a structured environment and equipment for students to work on the Process Control Systems and individual industrial process control sequences.

The system allows students to monitor and do fault searching on structure, function of level, flow and pressure of a physical system. Also the setup, commissioning, modification and do maintenance of closed control loops while doing parameters using a digital industrial controller. Festech Automation Process control Systems trainer is equipped with a HMI system using LabVIEW for easy integration with other systems.

Automation Robot Trainer

With robots playing a larger role in the automation field such as operating in automotive production industry, more operators have to be trained to instruct and program the robots. Automatic robot or self control robot moves according to commands given with its condition and circumstances and thus operators have to learn to program the parameters for an intelligent robot.

The robot training set from FESTECH is composed of various factors that maximize educational efficiency while integrating lessons with exciting ideas and useful applications. It allows students to test new commands and parameters to realistic robots they will operate when working with major production lines.

Modular Processing System

The Module Processing System (MPS) station is the central command of any Modular Production System. Each station links one or more modules linked by the universal aluminium profile plate and the controller to a computer than commands and monitors the automation line.

From the realistic training with industrial components, the MPS station helps students achieve their training aims-clearly and effectively through its:

  • Comprehensive system from module to integrated system.
  • Modular stations that can be mixed and matched individually.
  • Standardized and uniquely defined interfaces at station and system level.
  • Upgradable technologies-process visualization, fieldbus communications.
  • Changeable requirements for teamwork, project-oriented goals and qualifications.

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