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  • March 14, 2017

HEAD Acoustics (NVH)

HEAD acoustics is a leading company in the area of HEAD-related recording and playback systems. Designed on how a human perceives sound, Head Acoustic for the last 28 years has pioneered in the developing innovative technologies, such as head-related stereophony, hearing-related analyses, sound simulation systems, aurally-accurate analysis of sound events, as well as telecommunication measurement.

Head Visor

HEAD Visor is a microphone array system for localization, visualization and quantification, and auralization of sound sources. Designed as stand-alone unit using the multi microphone array technology, HEAD Visor captures the both audio and visual and integrates them into a video that maps the sources and changes of sound and vibration in the environment. Other than localizing the sound source, it measures the distance of the source, the intensity and can playback in slow motion for further analysis. Head Visor is mounted on a tripod stand to be easily deployed almost anywhere.

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ArtemiS Suite

ArtemiS Suite is an universal acoustic analysis software solution that can perform almost every task in the area of sound and vibration analysis. Based on the game changing ArtemiS Classic acoustic analysis software, ArtemiS Suite features the same power acoustic analysis, reporting, data management and documentation, as well as acoustic playback, automation of analysis task and evaluations for almost anything in the field of sound and vibration. ArtemiS Suite is compatible with many microphone systems and easily integrated with HEAD Acoustics HMS series, SQuadriga, SQobold and other products.

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The HEAD Measurement System IV series or HMS IV is a stand-alone measuring device that performs aurally accurate binaural recordings. Built to replicate a human body, each unit’s microphones are located in the dummy head ears and react similarly to a human ear to record aurally accurate playbacks. This make the HMS IV perfect examination and optimization of the sound quality of technical products during product development as it measures an aurally accurate playback of how the user will hear and respond to the products in use.

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The HEAD-shoulder unit or HSU III is an artificial head equipped with high end condenser microphones for binaural recordings. The Artificial head accurately reproduces all acoustically relevant parts of a human outer ear allowing it to record all sounds and all characteristics of human hearing perception such as spatial hearing.

The HSU III is easily connected to HEADlab and other sound analysis equipment or software and can be used as a conventional microphone for binaural recording

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SQobold is designed to be a compact yet powerful measurement device. Together with a HEAD Acoustic BHS II headset, SQobold can measure and record aurally accurate binaural recordings and sound level for test and measurement. SQobold works independently on the go, recording while displaying analysis data visually on its 6-inch LCD for immediate analysis and adjustments. All data is recorded on a 64 GB memory card or can be transferred immediately to HEAD acoustics complimenting devices and software such as ArtemiS SUITE, HEAD Recorder and NoiseBook for further analysis.
SQobold also features many additional functions to acoustic recording and analysis. Its integrated GPS receiver records the location of and time of the measurements and can be enhance with a GPS antenna. Camera functions can be added to make simultaneous video recordings via its USB port.

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SQuadriga II

SQuadriga II is a compact versatile 24 bit mobile recording device a stand-alone recorder unit and measurement front end connected to a computer. An upgrade from the best selling SQuadriga, it features 6 channels for microphones and other sensors, 2 RPM pulse inputs for acceleration sensors and do accurate binaural recordings when connected with a HEAD acoustic BHS II Headphone/Microphone. SQuadriga II is designed with a removable SDHC memory card easy data transfer, 6 hours of recording on its batteries that can be further with standard AA batteries.
SQuadriga II is compatible with various HEADlab series modules and together they perform even larger measurement task with higher channel numbers.

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HEADlab is a rugged modular multi-channel front-end for data acquisition and playback for sound and vibration. Its modular concept allows users to choose the best modules to suit their data acquisition needs and performs data acquisition, sound and vibration analysis and playbacks on site or on the go. HEADlab is compatible with leading microphone makers and HEAD Acoustic aurally accurate receivers.
For further analysis, HEADlab supports pulse sensors, temperature sensors, strain gauges, high-impedance voltage source detectors, FlexRay signals and GPS equipment for recording variables during testing. HEADlab is capable of covering multiple factors and can connected to a PC to perform complex analyst using the HEAD Acoustic Artemis Suite and other software.

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The heart of the HEADlab system is its controller the labCTRL I.2.It acts as central connection unit for the HEADlab system and is used for the combining data and synchronization of up to 10 input modules. For sound analysis, the controller is easily connected to a PC using a LAN cable crossing or a USB cable with a maximum distance of 100m on lan and 5m on USB.
The labCTRL I.2 controller has CAN or OBD-2 interface, two pulse inputs, and can connect directly to a HEAD Acoustic a digital artificial head (HMS III or HMS IV).

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With an array of input models, HEADlab is able to support multiple inputs when doing sound recording and acoustic analysis. All modules are built rugged and fanless that are easily connected to HEADlab controller.
Modules cover commonly used inputs such as line/ICP inputs and condenser microphone inputs to CAN, FlexRy, pulse, AES/RS232 etc.

Learn more about labV6, labV12, labM6, labDX, labHMS, labT6 and labSG6

Being able to hear and adjusted the sounds and noises during test and measurement helps improve productivity and HEAD Acoustic playback systems are the best to use with HEADlab
Designed to run on its own or with a HEADlab system, the labO2 and labP2 provides high quality playback and equalizer control for HEADlab. The labO2 is designed to produce high quality playback using HEAD Acoustic speakers and subwoofers and other high quality speakers and the labP2 for binaural headphones for aurally accurate reproduction of sounds.

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HEAD Acoustics HEADlab power supplies come 40 and 100 watts. Each power supply comes with an inbuilt battery and guarantees uninterrupted power supply and automatic power switching between external supply and battery operation.

Find out more of labPWR I.1 and labPWR I.2

LabCOMPACT12 is a compact and simplified HEADlab system providing common functions used in Acoustic recording and measuring into one rugged silent module. It combines the basic functionality of a labCTRL unit without CAN, Pulse, and HMS inputs and a labV12 unit making it a self sustained 12-channel Line/ICP module.
This “one-module” technology is an affordable solution for multi-channel analysis particularly in the development of household and office appliances while still being flexible in modular add on. Sensors are connected via the D-Sub connectors on the front side and labCOMPACT12 excels in high phase-accuracy, 24-bit data with a signal-to-noise ratio of typically 107 dB(A).

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