HEAD Acoustics (Telecommunication)

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  • March 14, 2017

HEAD Acoustics (Telecommunication)

HEAD acoustics is a leading company in the area of HEAD-related recording and playback systems. Designed on how a human perceives sound, Head Acoustic for the last 28 years has pioneered in developing innovative technologies, such as head-related stereophony, hearing-related analyses, sound simulation systems, aurally-accurate analysis of sound events, as well as communication measurement.


Advanced Communication Quality Analysis or ACQUA is a dual channel analysis system and signal generator for diagnosis of acoustic and/or electric transmission paths. Specifically designed for measuring telecommunication acoustics, ACQUA can automatically optimize handset/audio device configurations for the best acoustic quality.
ACQUA is designed to test, analyze and optimize for various linear and non-linear, time variant characteristics. It can support complex noise reception and detection equipment and complies with and supports various international standards of telecommunication such GSM, VOIP, analog and digital telephones ect.

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HMS II.3 is a Head Measurement System for measuring the performance of close to-the-ear transducers such as handsets, headsets, headphones, hearing protectors and hearing aids without any restrictions. Specially developed for acoustic measurement of telephone terminal equipment, the HMS II.3 has both ears and mouth simulators to test the transmission and reception of some relative to read human. The head geometry makes it an acoustically relevant structures of the human anatomy ensuring results corresponds to realistic conditions for handsets and hands-free equipment.
HMS II.3 meets the ITU-T Recommendations P.57 and P.58 requirements and is compliant to international testing standards for telecommunications.

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HHP IV “MotoMount”

HEAD Motorized Handset Positioner or HHP IV “MotoMount” is an optional accessory for HEAD Acoustic Head Measurement Systems (HMS II, HMS III & HMS IV). Unlike HEAD Acoustics traditional Headset positioners, “MotorMount” is motorized to adjust the handset to many different positions or “standard test positions” with a click of a button. When connected to the HEAD Acoustic AQUA software, multiple positions testing and analysis can conducted automatically reducing testing and optimizing time for research and development and quality control.
HHP IV “MotorMount” fulfills the “recommended test position” (RTP) specified requirements by IEEE 269 as well as ITU-T Recommendation P.64. All “standard test positions” (STP) are in accordance to ITU-T P.64 for the pinna types 3.3 and 3.4.

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SQuare is a modular software for conducting listening tests without a fus. Designed intuitively with room for adjustments, SQuare offers the ability to test a group of individuals with realist prepared listening tests provided by HEAD Acoustics you imported sounds. SQuare also allows you to control each sound range and equalization automatically or manually for reliable and reproducible judging.
SQuare is easily integrated with other HEAD Acoustics devices and programs for more complex and realistic tests. For example, if a vehicle interior noise is to be evaluated in a realist environment, SQuare can be used with SoundCar.

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3-dimensional Playback of Acoustic Sound Scenarios or 3PASS preserves and reproduces essential spatial characteristics of actual background noise scenarios in a test room. Built compatible to Head acoustics HMS and other binaural systems, aurally accurate sounds can be easily recorded and played back for testing new audio devices.  This makes 3pass from its three-dimensional approach suitable for even the toughest evaluations.
3PASS has complex noise reduction algorithm such as those found in modern smartphones that multi-microphone arrangements and conforms to the new ETSI standard TS 103 224.

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High-frequency braking noise and other noise from vehicle braking is a cause of annoyance and warranty costs for car manufacturers. With this in mind, HEAD Acoustics developed BrakeObserve a software solution capable of distinguishing brake noise and “off-brake noise” from normal operating noise of a vehicle,

The core technology is a HEAD Acoustics patented Relative Approached Algorithm which is detects the noise and origin of brake sounds. Paired with HEADlab front end modules, BrakeObserve provides immediate feedback of various statistics and helps you decipher the connection between brake noise, temperature, brake pressure, humidity ect.

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